Shows like The Americans
Looking for shows that are like The Americans? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Homeland image

    1. Homeland

    #528 most popular show yesterday

    This intense psychological thriller dives into the complex world of counterterrorism and national security, presenting a gripping narrative that parallels The Americans with its espionage and complex character dynamics. Viewers are taken on a suspenseful ride that questions the nature of trust and patriotism, ideal for fans of morally ambiguous and high-stakes storytelling.

  • Berlin Station image

    2. Berlin Station

    #1,568 most popular show yesterday

    Spotlighting a contemporary take on international espionage, Berlin Station follows CIA officers stationed in Germany as they navigate the treacherous waters of modern-day intelligence work. The show blends the tense atmosphere and moral quandaries found in The Americans with a fast-paced plot that keeps viewers on edge.

  • The Spy image

    3. The Spy

    #2,263 most popular show yesterday

    Based on the true story of Eli Cohen, Israel's most prominent spy, The Spy is set in the 1960s, during the fraught run-up to the Six-Day War. Cohen's deep undercover work in Syria draws parallels to the deep cover Russian spies in The Americans, offering a tantalizing mix of personal sacrifice, identity crisis, and national duty.