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    4 Blocks
    as Latif Hamady 19 episodes • #2,121 most popular show
    4 Blocks is a German television series that revolves around the story of Toni Hamady, a Lebanese-origin man based in Berlin. He is trying to leave behind a life of crime and lead an honest and peaceful life with his family. However, his loyalty to his family and the pressure from the criminal underworld make it impossible for him to escape his past. The series delves into the themes of family, loyalty, and the tensions between different cultural backgrounds in modern-day Germany.
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    Wasiem Taha, better known as Massiv, is a German gangsta rapper and actor. Born on November 9, 1982, in Berlin, he gained recognition in the music industry through his early career with the label Horrorkore Entertainment. Later, Massiv signed with major label Sony BMG. He has been influenced by hip-hop from a young age and visited Berlin in 1996, where he faced difficulties finding employment due to not finishing school. In addition to his music career, Massiv has also appeared in the German TV series '4 Blocks.' In 2006, he released his debut album 'Blut gegen Blut' and subsequently signed with Sony BMG. Despite facing personal challenges, Massiv's talent and dedication have propelled his success in the entertainment industry.

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