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  • American Horror Story Poster
    American Horror Story
    as Dwight's Friend 1 episode • #36 most popular show
    American Horror Story is a critically acclaimed television series that blends horror, drama, and supernatural elements. Each season explores a different theme, showcasing a new and terrifying story within the horror genre. The show boasts a talented ensemble cast, including popular actors such as Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson. With its dark and twisted narratives, American Horror Story never fails to captivate audiences, keeping them on the edge of their seats with its intricate plotlines and chilling atmosphere.
  • Modern Family Poster
    Modern Family
    as Professor Cooke 1 episode • #137 most popular show
    Modern Family is a critically acclaimed sitcom that follows the lives of Jay Pritchett and his family in suburban Los Angeles. The series takes a humorous and often heartwarming look at the everyday challenges and triumphs faced by three diverse households. Through a mockumentary style, the show explores the ups and downs of Jay's traditional family, his daughter's mixed marriage, and his son's unconventional household. With its relatable characters and witty writing, Modern Family offers a fresh and entertaining perspective on modern-day family dynamics.
  • Castle Poster
    as Ian Rasher 1 episode • #185 most popular show
    Castle is an American crime-comedy-drama television series that aired on ABC from 2009 to 2016. The show revolves around Richard Castle, a bestselling mystery novelist, and Kate Beckett, an NYPD homicide detective. Together, they solve a variety of cases while also navigating their complex personal relationship. With its blend of humor, suspense, and romantic tension, Castle captivated audiences and became a hit series. It received critical acclaim for its witty writing, engaging characters, and the chemistry between the lead actors. Castle remains a beloved show for fans of crime dramas and lighthearted entertainment.
  • The Nanny Poster
    The Nanny
    as Rodney Pembroke 1 episode • #445 most popular show
    The Nanny is an American sitcom that aired from 1993 to 1999. The series follows Fran Fine, a fashionista from Queens who becomes the nanny for a wealthy British widower and his three children. With her iconic nasally voice and unique sense of style, Fran brings humor and chaos into the Sheffield household. The show combines comedy, romance, and family dynamics, as Fran navigates her unconventional role as a nanny while finding herself falling in love with her employer. The Nanny was a popular show that gained a cult following and remains beloved for its witty writing and memorable characters.
  • Emmerdale Poster
    as Mark Wylde 3,568 episodes • #815 most popular show
    Emmerdale is a popular British soap opera that has been airing since 1972. Set in the fictional village of Emmerdale in the Yorkshire Dales, the show follows the lives of various families and their interactions with one another. Emmerdale explores a wide range of engaging storylines, tackling issues such as family dynamics, relationships, and social conflicts. With its long-standing history, compelling characters, and dramatic plot twists, Emmerdale continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storytelling and relatable characters.
  • Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Poster
    Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
    3 episodes • #855 most popular show
    Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman is a popular American Western drama TV show that aired from 1993 to 1998. The series follows the story of Dr. Michaela Quinn, a highly skilled and independent physician from Boston. After the death of her father in 1868, she embarks on a journey to Colorado Springs to become the town's doctor. Set in the backdrop of the Old West, the show delves into the challenges and triumphs Dr. Quinn faces as she fights to gain acceptance in a male-dominated profession and navigates the complexities of frontier life.
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Maxwell Caulfield Biography
Maxwell Caulfield, born Maxwell P.J. Newby on 23 November 1959 in Belper, Derbyshire, is a British actor. He has appeared in various films and TV shows including Grease 2 (1982), Electric Dreams (1984), The Boys Next Door (1985), The Supernaturals (1986), Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat (1989), Waxwork 2 (1992), Gettysburg (1993), Empire Records (1995), The Real Blonde (1997), The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997), and A Prince for Christmas (2015). Caulfield also lent his voice to the character of James Bond in the video game James Bond 007: Nightfire (2002). In 2015, he toured Australia with his wife Juliet Mills and sister-in-law Hayley Mills in the comedy Legends! by James Kirkwood.

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