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  • Snowpiercer Poster
    as Mikala 2 episodes • #67 most popular show
    Snowpiercer is a TV series set in a bleak, frozen future where humanity's survivors live aboard a massive, constantly moving train. The narrative examines the complexities of class disparity, social injustice, and survival strategies within the confined ecosystem of the train.
  • The 100 Poster
    The 100
    as Young Echo 1 episode • #337 most popular show
    The 100 is a post-apocalyptic science fiction drama television series based on the book series of the same name by Kass Morgan. Set 97 years after a devastating nuclear apocalypse wiped out almost all life on Earth, the show follows a group of survivors known as the 100, who are sent back to Earth to determine if it is habitable again. As they encounter various challenges, conflicts arise among the group, leading them to question everything they thought they knew about the world they once knew.
  • Riverdale Poster
    as Tiffany 1 episode • #364 most popular show
    Riverdale is a fictional town in the popular television series of the same name. The show is set in a small, seemingly wholesome community that becomes the backdrop for a series of mysterious events. The story revolves around a group of teenagers, including Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge, as they navigate the challenges of high school, relationships, and dark secrets. With its blend of drama, romance, and suspense, Riverdale has captured the attention of audiences worldwide.
  • Once Upon a Time Poster
    Once Upon a Time
    as Young Cruella 1 episode • #386 most popular show
    Once Upon a Time is a fantasy drama television series that premiered on ABC. The show explores a fictional town called Storybrooke, where fairy tale characters are trapped in the real world due to a curse cast by the Evil Queen. The series follows the adventures of Emma Swan, a bail bond agent turned savior, as she tries to break the curse and restore happiness to the residents of Storybrooke. Filled with magical elements and intricate storytelling, Once Upon a Time captivates its audience with its creative twist on classic fairy tales.
  • DC's Legends of Tomorrow Poster
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow
    as Talia 1 episode • #802 most popular show
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow is a superhero team-up series based on characters from DC Comics. The show follows a ragtag group of superheroes and anti-heroes who are recruited by time traveler Rip Hunter to protect the timeline from dangerous threats. With their time-ship, the Waverider, the team embarks on thrilling adventures across different eras, facing off against both mystical and human adversaries. Each member brings unique abilities and skills to the team, creating a diverse and dynamic group dynamic. With its blend of action, humor, and sci-fi elements, DC's Legends of Tomorrow offers an entertaining and action-packed viewing experience.
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