Shows like DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Looking for shows that are like DC's Legends of Tomorrow? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Umbrella Academy image

    1. The Umbrella Academy

    #112 most popular show yesterday

    The Umbrella Academy follows a dysfunctional family of adopted sibling superheroes who reunite to solve the mystery of their father's death and prevent an impending apocalypse. Its offbeat tone and character-driven storytelling resonate well with the ensemble-centric Legends of Tomorrow.

  • Arrow image

    2. Arrow

    #128 most popular show yesterday

    The show that kick-started the Arrowverse, Arrow provides gritty and darker-toned adventures of the vigilante archer, Oliver Queen. Viewers fond of the complex characters and rich narrative of Legends of Tomorrow may appreciate Arrow's in-depth storytelling and action sequences.

  • The Flash image

    3. The Flash

    #363 most popular show yesterday

    Another cornerstone of the Arrowverse, The Flash offers a thrilling mix of super-speed heroics, time-travel escapades, and a charismatic ensemble cast. Fans of Legends of Tomorrow will bask in the shared universe's connectivity and thematic similarities.

  • Doom Patrol image

    4. Doom Patrol

    #501 most popular show yesterday

    Doom Patrol explores the lives of a group of misfit heroes who band together to tackle surreal and bizarre threats. The show's delightfully odd and emotionally rich narratives will appeal to those who enjoy the quirky, unconventional nature of Legends of Tomorrow.

  • Supergirl image

    5. Supergirl

    #715 most popular show yesterday

    Supergirl soars as another Arrowverse title, serving up stories of empowerment and justice with a light-hearted touch. Like Legends of Tomorrow, it balances the fantastical elements of superhero life with humane stories that resonate with its audience.

  • Batwoman image

    6. Batwoman

    #931 most popular show yesterday

    As one of the newer additions to the Arrowverse, Batwoman tackles crime-fighting with a darker edge and an emphasis on LGBTQ+ representation. Its integration into the larger DC TV universe and action-packed plotlines make it a strong contender for Legends of Tomorrow enthusiasts.

  • Black Lightning image

    7. Black Lightning

    #1,183 most popular show yesterday

    While not directly part of the Arrowverse, Black Lightning presents a grounded superhero narrative focusing on family, community, and social justice which can be a draw for Legends of Tomorrow fans looking for heroism with depth and relevance.