Shows like Batwoman
Looking for shows that are like Batwoman? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Arrow image

    1. Arrow

    #148 most popular show yesterday

    As the cornerstone of the Arrowverse, Arrow follows the dark and brooding journey of Oliver Queen, a billionaire turned hooded vigilante. Audiences who love Batwoman's gritty urban setting and complex hero will be drawn to Arrow's intense narrative and action sequences.

  • The Flash image

    2. The Flash

    #320 most popular show yesterday

    This high-paced superhero show spins directly out of the Arrowverse, much like Batwoman, and showcases Barry Allen's lightning-fast heroics as he battles metahumans in Central City. Fans of Batwoman's blend of personal drama and action will appreciate The Flash's similar approach to storytelling and interconnected universe.

  • Gotham image

    3. Gotham

    #548 most popular show yesterday

    Gotham explores the origin stories of Batman and his infamous rogues' gallery before Batwoman's time in the city, with a focus on Jim Gordon's rise through the GCPD ranks. Viewers who are fascinated by the lore and atmosphere of Gotham City in Batwoman will be intrigued by the earlier days of its descent into crime and chaos.

  • Supergirl image

    4. Supergirl

    #734 most popular show yesterday

    Another gem in the Arrowverse collection, Supergirl centers on Superman's cousin, Kara Zor-El, as she embraces her powers to protect National City. Viewers who enjoy Batwoman's focus on a powerful female lead and the balance between superheroics and personal life will find Supergirl equally riveting.

  • Black Lightning image

    5. Black Lightning

    #1,195 most popular show yesterday

    Focusing on a retired superhero who returns to his vigilante life, Black Lightning deals with themes of social justice and family, set against a backdrop of superhuman conflict. Those who appreciate Batwoman's deeper societal commentary and character-driven stories will resonate with Black Lightning's take on heroism.