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  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Poster
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
    as Jeanine 1 episode • #79 most popular show
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is a satirical late-night talk show that covers current events and political issues. Hosted by British comedian John Oliver, the show offers a unique and humorous take on topical news stories, often diving deep into complex issues. With its signature blend of comedy and investigative journalism, Last Week Tonight has gained a loyal following for its witty commentary and insightful analysis.
  • Loot Poster
    as Nicholas' Mother 1 episode • #502 most popular show
    Loot is a thrilling crime drama television series that follows the story of a group of skilled thieves who plan and execute audacious heists. Set in a gritty urban backdrop, the show showcases the cat-and-mouse game between the criminals and law enforcement agencies. With intense action sequences, clever plot twists, and complex characters, Loot keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The show explores the motivations and personal lives of the characters, delving into themes of greed, loyalty, and redemption. Full of suspense and intrigue, Loot is a must-watch for fans of crime dramas.
  • Krapopolis Poster
    as Stupendous (voice) 23 episodes • #526 most popular show
    Krapopolis is an animated sitcom set in a mythological version of ancient Greece, focusing on a dysfunctional family comprised of humans, gods, and mythological creatures. They navigate the complexities of running one of the earliest cities while contending with their interpersonal relationships.
  • Superstore Poster
    as Gwen 1 episode • #547 most popular show
    Superstore is an American television sitcom that showcases the everyday shenanigans of the diverse staff at Cloud 9, a fictional big-box retail store. The series provides a comedic look into the lives of the employees as they navigate the challenges of retail work and their personal interactions.
  • 30 Rock Poster
    30 Rock
    as Customer Service Rep 1 episode • #671 most popular show
    30 Rock is a sitcom that aired on NBC from 2006 to 2013. Created by Tina Fey, the show revolves around the production of a fictional sketch comedy show. It offers a humorous behind-the-scenes look at the chaos and professional relationships of the cast and crew. With sharp writing and clever humor, 30 Rock has garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards, including several Primetime Emmy Awards. The show features a talented ensemble cast, including Fey herself, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan.
  • Night Court Poster
    Night Court
    as Pam 1 episode • #686 most popular show
    Night Court is a contemporary American sitcom that serves as a continuation of the cherished 1980s series. It showcases the professional and personal dynamics of Judge Abby Stone and her courtroom staff as they navigate the eccentricities of a Manhattan arraignment court during the night shift. The show intertwines comedy with the unconventional legal proceedings overseen by the idealistic Judge Stone, daughter of the original series' Judge Harry Stone.
  • Single Parents Poster
    Single Parents
    as Stacy 2 episodes • #1,769 most popular show
    ‘Single Parents’ is an American sitcom that centers around a group of single parents navigating the challenges of raising their children while trying to find a balance with their personal lives. The series showcases the ups and downs of parenting solo and the importance of a support system.
  • Girlboss Poster
    as Sharon 1 episode • #1,866 most popular show
    Girlboss is a comedy-drama television series that follows the story of Sophia Amoruso, a rebellious misfit who becomes an unlikely businesswoman. Inspired by Sophia's real-life experience, the show explores her journey from running an online vintage clothing store on eBay to building a fashion empire. With a blend of humor and entrepreneurship, Girlboss offers an entertaining and insightful portrayal of female empowerment, ambition, and self-discovery in the competitive world of fashion.
  • Comedy Bang! Bang! Poster
    Comedy Bang! Bang!
    as Marcy 1 episode • #1,963 most popular show
    Comedy Bang! Bang! is a comedic television show based on Scott Aukerman's popular podcast of the same name. The show cleverly combines the format of a late night talk show with surreal elements. Each episode features Aukerman engaging celebrity guests in unfiltered and improvisational conversations, spiced up with banter and beats from bandleader Reggie Watts. This reinvents the traditional celebrity interview and adds a unique touch to the show. Packed with character cameos, filmic shorts, sketches, and games, Comedy Bang! Bang! provides thirty minutes of absurd and laugh-filled entertainment with some of the biggest names in comedy.
  • Another Period Poster
    Another Period
    as Martha 1 episode • #1,993 most popular show
    Another Period is an American sitcom that parodies early 20th-century high society through the outlandish Bellacourt family. Set in Newport, Rhode Island, the show follows the narcissistic sisters, Lillian and Beatrice Bellacourt, whose only concerns are their social status and fame. The series blends historical context with modern-day reality show satire, offering a comedic take on the era's social dynamics and class system.
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