Shows like Krapopolis
Looking for shows that are like Krapopolis? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Simpsons image

    1. The Simpsons

    #8 most popular show yesterday

    This long-running animated sitcom about an average American family has a sharp wit and a penchant for social commentary. While not mythological in nature, The Simpsons' influence on shows like Krapopolis cannot be overstated, and its humor is likely to appeal to the same fans.

  • Rick and Morty image

    2. Rick and Morty

    #61 most popular show yesterday

    This animated series blends science fiction with offbeat humor, following the interdimensional adventures of a mad scientist and his grandson. Fans of Krapopolis will appreciate its similarly irreverent tone and subversive approach to storytelling.

  • BoJack Horseman image

    3. BoJack Horseman

    #112 most popular show yesterday

    This series delves into the life of a washed-up TV star who is also a talking horse, mixing dark humor with emotional depth. Its anthropomorphic characters and adult themes may resonate with viewers of Krapopolis.

  • American Dad! image

    4. American Dad!

    #115 most popular show yesterday

    With its irreverent humor and focus on a bizarre family dynamic, including an alien and a talking fish, American Dad! offers a satiric look at American culture that viewers of Krapopolis might enjoy.

  • Solar Opposites image

    5. Solar Opposites

    #481 most popular show yesterday

    Centered around a family of aliens stranded on Earth, Solar Opposites offers a mix of societal satire and dark comedy. Like Krapopolis, it provides a quirky take on outsiders trying to navigate human culture.

  • Disenchantment image

    6. Disenchantment

    #686 most popular show yesterday

    From the mind of Matt Groening, Disenchantment is a medieval fantasy that plays with genre tropes in a humorous way. Its world-building and character dynamics provide a fun alternative for Krapopolis enthusiasts looking for more fantastical satire.

  • Big Mouth image

    7. Big Mouth

    #1,063 most popular show yesterday

    Big Mouth explores adolescence through the lens of raunchy humor and supernatural elements such as hormone monsters. Audiences who enjoy Krapopolis' adult humor set against a mythical backdrop might find Big Mouth's modern take on growing up similarly entertaining.