Shows like American Dad!
Looking for shows that are like American Dad!? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Simpsons image

    1. The Simpsons

    #7 most popular show yesterday

    As one of the most iconic animated families, The Simpsons offers a satirical depiction of working-class life. Viewers who appreciate the subversive and topical humor of American Dad! are likely to enjoy the comedic style that The Simpsons pioneered.

  • South Park image

    2. South Park

    #20 most popular show yesterday

    Known for its crude humor and social commentary, South Park follows four boys in a Colorado town where bizarre things constantly happen. American Dad! aficionados may enjoy South Park's take-no-prisoners style of satire.

  • Bob's Burgers image

    3. Bob's Burgers

    #49 most popular show yesterday

    This animated show about a quirky family running a burger joint provides a unique blend of comedy and heart. American Dad! fans will appreciate the show's humor and character-driven plots.

  • Futurama image

    4. Futurama

    #50 most popular show yesterday

    Created by Matt Groening, this animated series is set in the 31st century and features a hapless delivery boy cryogenically frozen for 1,000 years. Its satirical approach to science fiction tropes appeals to those who enjoy American Dad!'s sense of humor and storytelling.

  • Family Guy image

    5. Family Guy

    #64 most popular show yesterday

    From the same creator, Seth MacFarlane, this animated sitcom revolves around the Griffin family and their surreal adventures in the town of Quahog. Fans of American Dad! will enjoy similar humor, cutaway gags, and the occasional crossover.

  • Rick and Morty image

    6. Rick and Morty

    #68 most popular show yesterday

    An animated series following an eccentric and alcoholic scientist and his good-hearted but fretful grandson on interdimensional adventures. Its dark humor and absurdism will resonate with viewers who like the edgier side of American Dad!.

  • Archer image

    7. Archer

    #269 most popular show yesterday

    An adult animated series that parodies spy tropes and follows the dysfunctional staff of an intelligence agency. Its clever writing and adult humor will appeal to those who enjoy the more mature comedic elements of American Dad!.

  • The Cleveland Show image

    8. The Cleveland Show

    #1,013 most popular show yesterday

    This Family Guy spin-off focuses on Cleveland Brown as he starts a new life with his new family. Audiences who love the humor of American Dad! will appreciate the familiar comedic style and offbeat characters.