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  • The Serpent Queen Poster
    The Serpent Queen
    as Charles de Bourbon 1 episode • #123 most popular show
    The Serpent Queen is a historical drama television series based on the life of Catherine de' Medici, the powerful Queen consort of France in the 16th century. The show explores Catherine's rise to power, her complex relationships, and her strategic maneuvers to maintain control in a tumultuous political landscape. The Serpent Queen offers a captivating depiction of the court intrigues and power struggles of Renaissance France.
  • Midsomer Murders Poster
    Midsomer Murders
    as Gabriel Arnson 1 episode • #196 most popular show
    Midsomer Murders is a British television detective drama series that follows the investigations of Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby as he unravels a series of mysterious and often bizarre murders in the fictional county of Midsomer. The show, which first aired in 1997, is known for its picturesque rural setting and complex murder mysteries. With its signature blend of suspense, dark humor, and intriguing character dynamics, Midsomer Murders appeals to fans of both crime dramas and cozy mysteries.
  • Good Omens Poster
    Good Omens
    as Sandalphon 4 episodes • #516 most popular show
    Good Omens is a comedic fantasy miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Set in a world where the Apocalypse is fast approaching, the show follows an angel and a demon who form an unlikely alliance in order to prevent the end of the world. The series humorously explores themes of good and evil, faith, and humanity's ability to determine its own destiny. With a talented ensemble cast and witty writing, Good Omens delivers a delightful and thought-provoking viewing experience.
  • Chad Poster
    as Hamid 18 episodes • #1,569 most popular show
    Chad is a comedy television show that follows the life of a 14-year-old teenager named Chad. The show revolves around Chad's attempts to navigate the challenges of adolescence, including school, family, and social situations. With a blend of humor and relatable storytelling, Chad offers an insightful look into the life of a young teenager trying to find his place in the world.
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Paul Chahidi Biography
Paul Chahidi (born August 22, 1969) is a British actor known for his work in stage and screen. He is an associate artist of the Royal Shakespeare Company and has performed at Shakespeare's Globe. Chahidi garnered critical acclaim for his roles in all-male productions of Twelfth Night and Richard III on Broadway, earning nominations for both an Olivier award and a Tony Award for his portrayal of Maria in Twelfth Night. He is also recognized for his performance as defence minister Nikolai Bulganin in the historical comedy film The Death of Stalin. Chahidi has a recurring role in the British TV comedy This Country and is of Iranian descent.

On July 18, 2024, Paul Chahidi had 232 Wikipedia visits, making him the #13,179 most popular actor online.