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  • Ridiculousness Poster
    as Pauly D 1 episode • #559 most popular show
    Ridiculousness is an American comedy clip show hosted by Rob Dyrdek that premiered on MTV in 2011. The series features a variety of viral internet videos, focusing particularly on failed stunts and other humorous mishaps, which are humorously commented on by Dyrdek and his co-hosts, Sterling "Steelo" Brim and Chanel West Coast.
  • Jersey Shore Poster
    Jersey Shore
    71 episodes • #578 most popular show
    Jersey Shore is an American reality television series that aired on MTV, spotlighting the exuberant summer escapades of eight housemates in the coastal region of New Jersey. The show is known for its unique cultural lexicon and bustling depiction of the young adult experience.
  • The Eric Andre Show Poster
    The Eric Andre Show
    as Self 1 episode • #758 most popular show
    The Eric Andre Show is a surrealist comedy talk show hosted by Eric Andre. With its outlandish and unpredictable humor, the show parodies traditional late-night talk shows. Each episode features celebrity interviews, bizarre sketches, and absurd stunts. The fast-paced and chaotic format keeps viewers on their toes, as they never know what to expect next. The Eric Andre Show pushes the boundaries of comedy, blending satire and absurdity to create a unique and unconventional viewing experience.
  • LIVE with Kelly and Mark Poster
    LIVE with Kelly and Mark
    as Self - Guest 1 episode • #1,105 most popular show
    LIVE with Kelly and Mark is a vibrant and dynamic morning talk show that promises an engaging mix of entertainment and informative content. With a star-studded lineup of A-list celebrity guests, the show offers viewers a chance to get up close and personal with their favorite stars. Featuring top-notch performances and unique segments, LIVE with Kelly and Mark sets the bar high for daytime television. The hosts, Kelly and Mark, bring their charm, wit, and infectious energy to the table, creating a fun and unpredictable atmosphere filled with spontaneous and hilarious conversation.
  • Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Poster
    Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
    as Self - Guest 2 episodes • #1,189 most popular show
    Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen is a late-night talk show that delves into pop culture with a particular focus on reality television. The show features interviews with celebrities and personalities from various Bravo reality series, fostering a casual and interactive atmosphere where guests participate in games and answer viewer questions.
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