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  • Our Flag Means Death Poster
    Our Flag Means Death
    as Captain Nigel Badminton / Chauncey Badminton 10 episodes • #495 most popular show
    In 'Our Flag Means Death', the unconventional transition of Stede Bonnet from a gentleman to a pirate captain unveils comedic exploits on the high seas. His ship, the Revenge, and its motley crew navigate the challenges of piracy as their captain seeks to redefine his life, crossing paths with the legendary Blackbeard.
  • The Diplomat Poster
    The Diplomat
    as Prime Minister Nicol Trowbridge 8 episodes • #521 most popular show
    The Diplomat is an American political thriller series that follows Kate Wyler, a newly appointed U.S. ambassador to the UK, as she navigates an international crisis and political challenges in her career and personal life.
  • Silent Witness Poster
    Silent Witness
    2 episodes • #573 most popular show
    Silent Witness is a British crime drama television series that first aired in 1996. The show follows a team of forensic pathologists who investigate various suspicious deaths. Each episode typically involves a new case, presenting the team with a complex and intriguing mystery to solve. With its focus on forensic science and the legal process, the show provides viewers with a realistic portrayal of crime investigation. Silent Witness has received critical acclaim for its strong writing, engaging storylines, and excellent performances by its cast. It has become one of the longest-running and most popular crime dramas on British television.
  • Penny Dreadful Poster
    Penny Dreadful
    as John Clare / The Creature 27 episodes • #838 most popular show
    Penny Dreadful is a British-American horror drama television series that aired from 2014 to 2016. The show is set in Victorian London and brings together characters from iconic supernatural and horror literature, including Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and Dorian Gray. With its dark and atmospheric tone, Penny Dreadful explores themes of love, redemption, and the battle between good and evil. The series received critical acclaim for its stunning visuals, strong performances, and compelling storytelling, making it a must-watch for fans of gothic horror and classic literature.
  • Years and Years Poster
    Years and Years
    as Stephen Lyons 6 episodes • #995 most popular show
    Years and Years is a British television drama series that intertwines the personal and political to craft a narrative around the Lyons family against the backdrop of a transforming world. Over a period of 15 years, starting from 2019, the series touches upon the impact of socioeconomic and technological changes on the Lyons' lives as they navigate a volatile era marked by the rise of a divisive populist figure.
  • Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Poster
    Penny Dreadful: City of Angels
    as Dr. Peter Craft 10 episodes • #1,470 most popular show
    Penny Dreadful: City of Angels is a supernatural horror-drama television series set in 1938 Los Angeles. This gripping show follows the intense clash between characters rooted in the mythology of Mexican-American folklore and those connected to the powerful upsurge of evangelical Christianity. With a complex narrative filled with murder, espionage, and supernatural elements, the series explores themes of race, religion, and the disturbing darkness that lies beneath the surface of an iconic city.
  • Catherine the Great Poster
    Catherine the Great
    as Nikita Ivanovich Panin 4 episodes • #1,600 most popular show
    Catherine the Great is a historical drama series that tells the story of the iconic 18th-century Russian empress, Catherine II. The show explores the rise to power and tumultuous reign of Catherine, showcasing her intelligence, political acumen, and determination to modernize Russia. With a focus on the complex personal and political relationships that shaped Catherine's reign, the series offers a captivating and immersive look into one of history's most influential figures.
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Rory Kinnear Biography
Rory Michael Kinnear (born 17 February 1978) is an English actor known for his work in film, television, and theater. He has won two Olivier Awards, one for his portrayal of Sir Fopling Flutter in The Man of Mode and another for his role as Iago in Othello. Kinnear is recognized for his portrayal of Bill Tanner in four James Bond films and various video games of the franchise. He received critical acclaim and a British Independent Film Award for his performance in the 2012 film Broken. Kinnear has appeared in TV shows such as Count Arthur Strong, Lucan, Penny Dreadful, and Black Mirror. He is the son of actors Roy Kinnear and Carmel Cryan.

On June 12, 2024, Rory Kinnear had 1,735 Wikipedia visits, making him the #3,214 most popular actor online.