Movies like Wild Target (2010)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Wild Target, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. In Bruges

    #640 most popular movie yesterday

    In Bruges explores the lives of two hitmen laying low after a job gone wrong. This film, like Wild Target, delves into the complexities of hitmen's lives with a darkly comedic tone.

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    2. Seven Psychopaths

    #2,078 most popular movie yesterday

    Seven Psychopaths is a dark comedy featuring a writer who gets caught up in his friends' kidnapping scheme. It's quirky and violent, offering a similarly eccentric blend of dark humor and crime as seen in Wild Target.

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    3. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    #2,132 most popular movie yesterday

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a neo-noir black comedy, involves a petty thief posing as an actor who gets caught up in a murder investigation. Like Wild Target, it provides a mix of humor and crime in an unusual, yet engaging narrative.

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    4. The Whole Nine Yards

    #2,692 most popular movie yesterday

    Featuring a similar blend of comedy and hitman-thriller elements, The Whole Nine Yards revolves around a man who becomes entangled with his neighbor, who turns out to be a contract killer.

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    5. Grosse Pointe Blank

    #3,364 most popular movie yesterday

    Grosse Pointe Blank is about a hitman who attends his high school reunion and begins to question his life choices, reminiscent of the personal conflicts faced by the assassin in Wild Target.

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    6. The Matador

    #6,198 most popular movie yesterday

    The Matador presents a dark comedy about an unlikely friendship between a hitman and a businessman. Its offbeat approach and focus on a hitman's personal journey parallel the themes in Wild Target.