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  • NCIS Poster
    as Jessica Terdei 2 episodes • #90 most popular show
    NCIS is an American television series that follows a team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) as they solve crimes involving the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. The show combines elements of procedural crime dramas with military and ensemble cast dynamics, delivering thrilling investigations and compelling character development. With its focus on military-themed cases, NCIS offers an intriguing blend of action, suspense, and patriotism. The series has gained a large and devoted fan base, thanks to its well-written storylines, strong performances, and the chemistry of its cast.
  • Monk Poster
    as Dr. Jackman 2 episodes • #192 most popular show
    Monk is an American comedy-drama television series that aired on the USA Network. The show follows Adrian Monk, a brilliant detective with obsessive-compulsive disorder and a multitude of phobias. Despite his struggles with his mental health, Monk uses his remarkable attention to detail and highly observant nature to solve crimes. With the help of his assistant, Sharona, and later Natalie, Adrian Monk navigates the ups and downs of both his personal and professional life, all while working to bring justice to the world.
  • ER Poster
    as Michelle 1 episode • #315 most popular show
    ER is a popular medical drama series that aired on NBC from 1994 to 2009. Set in the fictional County General Hospital in Chicago, the show follows a group of doctors and nurses as they navigate the challenges and chaos of everyday life in a busy emergency room. Known for its gritty realism, ER delves into the personal and professional lives of the medical staff, giving viewers an inside look into the high-pressure world of emergency medicine.
  • New Girl Poster
    New Girl
    as French Woman 1 episode • #333 most popular show
    New Girl is an American sitcom that follows the adventures of a quirky young woman named Jessica Day as she navigates the ups and downs of life in Los Angeles. With her unique sense of humor and infectious charm, Jess quickly becomes best friends with her three male roommates, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston, as well as their model friend, Cece. Together, they navigate the highs and lows of relationships, careers, and friendships in the big city.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Poster
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    as Tavana 1 episode • #539 most popular show
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is a science fiction television series that takes place in the Star Trek universe. It follows the crew of the space station Deep Space Nine as they explore the unknown regions of space and encounter various alien species and civilizations. With its complex characters and intricate storylines, the show delves into themes of politics, religion, and war. Filled with action, drama, and exploration, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine offers a unique and compelling addition to the Star Trek franchise.
  • Star Trek: Voyager Poster
    Star Trek: Voyager
    as Marayna 1 episode • #596 most popular show
    Star Trek: Voyager is a science fiction television series that belongs to the expansive Star Trek franchise. The narrative centers on the crew of the USS Voyager, which finds itself flung into the Delta Quadrant, distant from familiar space and the United Federation of Planets. Facing a 75-year journey back to Earth at maximum warp speed, the crew, led by Captain Kathryn Janeway, encounters unexplored regions, new alien species, and both hostile and friendly entities. They must also navigate the integration of Maquis rebels into their Starfleet crew due to circumstances that arose prior to their displacement.
  • The Closer Poster
    The Closer
    as Mrs. McFadden 1 episode • #612 most popular show
    The Closer is a drama television series that follows Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson as she leads a specialized LAPD unit focused on solving high-profile murder cases. Johnson's unorthodox methods and determined personality often create conflicts with her fellow colleagues. However, her exceptional skills as an interrogator earn her the respect of even the most skeptical critics.
Movies - Sandra Nelson
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  • The Wolf of Wall Street Poster
    The Wolf of Wall Street
    as Aliyah Farran (Forbes Reporter) • #278 most popular movie
    The Wolf of Wall Street is a 2013 American epic biographical black comedy crime film co-produced and directed by Martin Scorsese, based on Jordan Belfort's memoir. It recounts Belfort's career as a stockbroker in New York City and his involvement in corrupt activities, leading to his downfall.
  • Enough Poster
    as Teacher Betty • #970 most popular movie
    Enough is a 2002 American crime drama thriller film directed by Michael Apted. The movie is based on the 1998 novel Black and Blue, by Anna Quindlen, which was a New York Times bestseller. It stars Jennifer Lopez as Slim, an abused wife who learns to fight back.
  • Life as a House Poster
    Life as a House
    as Nurse • #4,228 most popular movie
    Life as a House is a 2001 American drama film about a man who seeks to mend his strained relationship with his ex-wife and rebellious teenage son after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.
  • Home of the Brave Poster
    Home of the Brave
    as V.A. Hospital Doctor • #5,622 most popular movie
    Home of the Brave is a 2006 American drama film that depicts the experiences of a group of Army National Guard soldiers in Iraq and their challenging readjustment to life in the United States. The movie portrays the struggles of four soldiers from Spokane, including a surgeon, a single mother and teacher, an infantryman coping with loss, and a soldier haunted by a civilian woman's death.
  • De-Lovely Poster
    as Sarah Murphy • #5,656 most popular movie
    De-Lovely is a 2004 American musical biopic that delves into the lives of Cole Porter and his wife, Linda Lee Thomas. As the story unfolds, it follows the couple's glamorous and unconventional journey from Paris to Venice to Broadway, and ultimately to Hollywood. Despite the strain on their marriage due to Cole's zest for life, Linda remains his unwavering muse, continuing to inspire some of the greatest songs of the twentieth century.
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Sandra Nelson Biography
Sandra Nelson Winkler (born December 29, 1964), known professionally as Sandra Nelson, is an American actress. She gained recognition for her portrayal of Phyllis Summers on the soap opera The Young and the Restless from 1997 to 1999. Nelson also appeared as Aliyah Farran in the film The Wolf of Wall Street. In addition to her notable roles, she has made guest appearances on various television shows including Highlander: The Series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, ER, Monk, Without a Trace, and Just Legal. Nelson was married to director and producer Charles Winkler from 1998 to 2012 and has two children.

On July 24, 2024, Sandra Nelson had 50 Wikipedia visits, making her the #22,745 most popular actor online.