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  • Castle Poster
    as Amanda Livingston 2 episodes • #185 most popular show
    Castle is an American crime-comedy-drama television series that aired on ABC from 2009 to 2016. The show revolves around Richard Castle, a bestselling mystery novelist, and Kate Beckett, an NYPD homicide detective. Together, they solve a variety of cases while also navigating their complex personal relationship. With its blend of humor, suspense, and romantic tension, Castle captivated audiences and became a hit series. It received critical acclaim for its witty writing, engaging characters, and the chemistry between the lead actors. Castle remains a beloved show for fans of crime dramas and lighthearted entertainment.
  • Monk Poster
    as Mandy Bronson 1 episode • #192 most popular show
    Monk is an American comedy-drama television series that aired on the USA Network. The show follows Adrian Monk, a brilliant detective with obsessive-compulsive disorder and a multitude of phobias. Despite his struggles with his mental health, Monk uses his remarkable attention to detail and highly observant nature to solve crimes. With the help of his assistant, Sharona, and later Natalie, Adrian Monk navigates the ups and downs of both his personal and professional life, all while working to bring justice to the world.
  • Power Rangers Poster
    Power Rangers
    as Heather 3 episodes • #251 most popular show
    Power Rangers is a popular long-running American superhero television series. The show is known for its action-packed episodes, colorful costumes, and entertaining storylines. It revolves around a group of ordinary teenagers who are chosen by a powerful mentor to become the Power Rangers, a team of heroes with unique superpowers. Together, they fight against evil forces and protect the world from various threats. With its mix of action, adventure, and moral lessons, Power Rangers has captured the hearts of fans of all ages.
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Poster
    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    as Marla Louie 1 episode • #461 most popular show
    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a popular American television series that follows a team of forensic investigators from the Las Vegas Police Department as they solve crimes using scientific evidence. The show, created by Anthony E. Zuiker, combines elements of crime drama and procedural genres, presenting a realistic portrayal of forensic investigation techniques. With its engaging storylines, complex characters, and meticulous attention to detail, CSI has become an iconic and influential show in the television landscape. It has spawned multiple spin-offs and has garnered a dedicated fan base worldwide.
  • The Closer Poster
    The Closer
    as Kristen Shafer 2 episodes • #612 most popular show
    The Closer is a drama television series that follows Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson as she leads a specialized LAPD unit focused on solving high-profile murder cases. Johnson's unorthodox methods and determined personality often create conflicts with her fellow colleagues. However, her exceptional skills as an interrogator earn her the respect of even the most skeptical critics.
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