TV Shows - Stanley Simons
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  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Poster
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    as Isaac Franklin 1 episode • #103 most popular show
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a crime television series that follows a dedicated team of detectives in the Special Victims Unit of the New York City Police Department. Each episode focuses on a different criminal case involving sexually based offenses, including rape, child molestation, and domestic violence. The show combines elements of police procedural and legal drama, as the detectives investigate crimes and work closely with Assistant District Attorneys to bring the perpetrators to justice. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has gained a reputation for tackling sensitive and controversial topics with a realistic approach.
  • The Kelly Clarkson Show Poster
    The Kelly Clarkson Show
    1 episode • #812 most popular show
    The Kelly Clarkson Show is a daytime talk show hosted by American singer and songwriter Kelly Clarkson. The show features discussions on various topics including celebrity interviews, inspiring stories, and live musical performances. Clarkson engages with her guests in a candid and relatable manner, creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. The show's format also incorporates fun games and segments that entertain and engage the audience. With its mix of entertainment, personal stories, and heartfelt moments, The Kelly Clarkson Show offers an uplifting and entertaining viewing experience.
Movies - Stanley Simons
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  • The Iron Claw Poster
    The Iron Claw
    as Mike Von Erich • #47 most popular movie
    The Iron Claw is a biographical sports film centered around the Von Erich family, a dynasty of wrestlers who achieved tremendous success in the 1960s onwards. Led by their father and coach, the brothers became icons in the fiercely competitive world of professional wrestling. The film explores their journey of triumphs and tragedies as they strive for greatness and strive to leave a lasting legacy on the grandest stage of sports.