Shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Looking for shows that are like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Criminal Minds image

    1. Criminal Minds

    #65 most popular show yesterday

    This gripping series follows an elite team of FBI profilers who analyze the country's most twisted criminal minds. Fans of SVU's in-depth look at criminal psychology and investigative techniques will find much to enjoy here.

  • NCIS image

    2. NCIS

    #91 most popular show yesterday

    Focusing on the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, NCIS investigates crimes involving Navy and Marine Corps personnel. Its combination of military settings and criminal investigation will appeal to SVU enthusiasts looking for a similar procedural with a twist.

  • Blue Bloods image

    3. Blue Bloods

    #129 most popular show yesterday

    Centering on a multi-generational family of New York City police officers, Blue Bloods explores both the professional and personal challenges they face and may appeal to SVU viewers interested in the dynamics of law enforcement families.

  • Chicago P.D. image

    4. Chicago P.D.

    #135 most popular show yesterday

    Part of the Chicago franchise, Chicago P.D. dives into the lives of the officers and detectives of the 21st District. With a darker tone similar to SVU and a focus on both street crime and political corruption, it will resonate with fans.

  • Law & Order image

    5. Law & Order

    #232 most popular show yesterday

    As the show that spawned the Special Victims Unit franchise, Law & Order features detectives solving crimes and lawyers prosecuting the offenders. Fans of SVU will appreciate the similar format and procedural storytelling, presenting complex legal and ethical dilemmas.

  • Bones image

    6. Bones

    #343 most popular show yesterday

    Blending crime-solving with relationship drama, Bones follows a forensic anthropologist and an FBI agent as they tackle homicide cases. SVU fans might enjoy the mix of investigative work coupled with the evolving tension between the main characters.

  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation image

    7. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    #484 most popular show yesterday

    CSI brings forensic science to the forefront as a team in Las Vegas solves grisly crimes. It shares the investigative spirit of SVU but through a unique lens that places technology and science at the heart of crime-solving.

  • The Closer image

    8. The Closer

    #925 most popular show yesterday

    Headed by a female lead, The Closer is a crime drama about a deputy police chief with a knack for closing cases. It shares SVU’s intense storytelling and intricate character development, flavored with a Southern twist.