Shows like Law & Order
Looking for shows that are like Law & Order? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Criminal Minds image

    1. Criminal Minds

    #55 most popular show yesterday

    For those who enjoy the profiling aspect of crime shows, Criminal Minds dives deep into the psychology of serial killers and other criminals, offering a team of FBI profilers who attempt to anticipate the perpetrator's next move.

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit image

    2. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

    #104 most popular show yesterday

    A compelling spin-off of the original that delves into the dark corners of New York's most heinous crimes. With a focus on sexual offenses, SVU's dedicated detectives serve up justice with a side of raw emotion that keeps viewers hooked.

  • Blue Bloods image

    3. Blue Bloods

    #140 most popular show yesterday

    Blue Bloods explores the intersection between law enforcement and family in a drama about a multi-generational clan of cops in NYC. It presents a different yet still captivating angle on crime and justice.

  • Chicago P.D. image

    4. Chicago P.D.

    #162 most popular show yesterday

    Part of the Chicago franchise, this action-packed series follows the Intelligence Unit of the Chicago Police Department. It combines the intensity of cop shows with the interconnected world of fire, medical, and legal dramas.

  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation image

    5. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    #444 most popular show yesterday

    A forensic approach to crime-solving that spawned its own franchise, CSI lets viewers get their hands dirty in the evidence. Its blend of science and suspense is a perfect cocktail for Law & Order enthusiasts.

  • The Closer image

    6. The Closer

    #631 most popular show yesterday

    Led by a strong female lead, this police procedural focuses on closing cases with confessions. The show’s blend of personal drama and crime-solving will resonate well with fans looking for strong character development and satisfying conclusions.

  • NYPD Blue image

    7. NYPD Blue

    #825 most popular show yesterday

    Praised for its gritty realism and character depth, this police procedural drama stands as a precursor to and contemporary of the Law & Order series. Fans will get their dose of tough cops, complex cases, and personal drama.