TV Shows - Warren Belle
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  • Arrow Poster
    as Prison Guard #2 1 episode • #145 most popular show
    Arrow is a television series that follows the life of Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who becomes a vigilante archer after being stranded on a hostile island. Returning home to Starling City, Oliver takes on the persona of Arrow to fight crime and corruption. With his exceptional archery skills and a team of skilled allies, he works to protect his city from various criminal threats. The show explores Oliver's journey as he balances his dual identity, confronts his past, and becomes a symbol of hope for the city.
  • DC's Legends of Tomorrow Poster
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow
    as Henry Scott 1 episode • #802 most popular show
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow is a superhero team-up series based on characters from DC Comics. The show follows a ragtag group of superheroes and anti-heroes who are recruited by time traveler Rip Hunter to protect the timeline from dangerous threats. With their time-ship, the Waverider, the team embarks on thrilling adventures across different eras, facing off against both mystical and human adversaries. Each member brings unique abilities and skills to the team, creating a diverse and dynamic group dynamic. With its blend of action, humor, and sci-fi elements, DC's Legends of Tomorrow offers an entertaining and action-packed viewing experience.
  • 12 Monkeys Poster
    12 Monkeys
    as Rollins 1 episode • #1,057 most popular show
    12 Monkeys is a thrilling science fiction television series that premiered in 2015. The show is based on the 1995 film of the same name and follows the story of James Cole, a time traveler from a post-apocalyptic future. Sent back in time to prevent the outbreak of a deadly virus that wipes out most of humanity, Cole must navigate the past to find clues and stop the impending disaster. With its compelling storyline, complex characters, and twist-filled narrative, 12 Monkeys keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its exploration of time travel and the consequences of altering history.
Movies - Warren Belle
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  • Downsizing Poster
    as Tunde • #1,150 most popular movie
    Downsizing is a 2017 American science fiction comedy-drama film directed by Alexander Payne. The film follows the story of Paul Safranek, an occupational therapist who decides to undergo a procedure to shrink his body to four inches tall. This allows him and his wife to afford a luxurious lifestyle and help save the planet. However, Paul's journey takes an unexpected turn when he befriends an impoverished activist. Downsizing explores themes of societal inequality and environmental consciousness in a humorous and thought-provoking manner.
  • Total Recall Poster
    Total Recall
    as Security Sentry • #2,107 most popular movie
    Total Recall is a 2012 American science fiction action film directed by Len Wiseman. The movie stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, and Jessica Biel and features a screenplay by Kurt Wimmer and Mark Bomback. It is a remake of the 1990 film inspired by the 1966 short story "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale" by Philip K. Dick. The plot follows factory worker Doug Quaid who becomes embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy after a virtual vacation goes awry. The film received mixed-to-negative reviews upon its release.
  • Max Payne Poster
    Max Payne
    as Detective • #3,054 most popular movie
    Max Payne is a 2008 neo-noir action thriller film based on the video game series of the same name. The story follows Max Payne, a New York police detective, as he seeks revenge and uncovers the truth behind the murder of his wife and child.
  • Dark Water Poster
    Dark Water
    as UPS Man • #3,199 most popular movie
    Dark Water is a 2005 supernatural horror film directed by Walter Salles and written by Rafael Yglesias. It stars Jennifer Connelly, Tim Roth, John C. Reilly, and others. The story follows Dahlia Williams and her daughter Cecelia as they move into a rundown apartment on New York's Roosevelt Island. As they settle in, mysterious occurrences and a persistent ceiling drip in Cecelia's bedroom add to the unsettling atmosphere.
  • New York Minute Poster
    New York Minute
    as Mickey the Cab Driver • #4,668 most popular movie
    New York Minute is a 2004 American teen comedy film starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as twin sisters who find themselves in a series of adventures in New York City. The film also features Eugene Levy, Andy Richter, Jared Padalecki, Riley Smith, and Andrea Martin in supporting roles.
  • Flash of Genius Poster
    Flash of Genius
    as Maryland Cop #2 • #5,918 most popular movie
    Flash of Genius is a 2008 American biographical drama film directed by Marc Abraham, based on the true story of Robert Kearns' legal battle against the Ford Motor Company for credit and financial compensation for his invention of intermittent windshield wipers. The film portrays Kearns' perseverance in seeking recognition for his invention amidst challenges from the auto industry.