Movies like A Late Quartet (2012)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like A Late Quartet, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Amadeus

    #110 most popular movie yesterday

    Amadeus, which tells the story of the life of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart through the eyes of his rival Salieri, is another compelling exploration of musical genius and jealousy. It would appeal to those who appreciate A Late Quartet’s intricate character dynamics against a classical music backdrop.

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    2. August Rush

    #2,402 most popular movie yesterday

    August Rush follows a musical prodigy in his journey to find his parents through the connective power of music. Although different in tone from A Late Quartet, it similarly highlights music's ability to transcend life's challenges and connect people.

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    3. Shine

    #3,516 most popular movie yesterday

    Shine portrays the life of pianist David Helfgott, delving into his mental breakdown and subsequent comeback. Like A Late Quartet, Shine focuses on the pressures of musical perfection, the impact of music on mental health, and the personal trials of a gifted musician.

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    4. The Soloist

    #4,438 most popular movie yesterday

    The Soloist is a poignant tale revolving around the friendship between a journalist and a homeless, mentally ill violinist who was once a promising music prodigy. Much like A Late Quartet, this film relates deeply to the musical world and explores the complex dynamics of personal struggle and performance.

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    5. Music of the Heart

    #4,842 most popular movie yesterday

    Music of the Heart tells a true story of a music teacher’s dedication to teaching violin to students in a disadvantaged school. Fans of A Late Quartet's focus on the power and passion for music, despite life's adversities, will find a similar spirit in this film.

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    6. Taking Woodstock

    #4,955 most popular movie yesterday

    Taking Woodstock is about the behind-the-scenes story leading up to the famous 1969 music festival. While one is more about classical music and the other about rock, both movies celebrate music’s profound impact on people’s lives and culture.

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    7. Quartet

    #5,636 most popular movie yesterday

    Quartet takes viewers inside the lives of retired musicians and opera singers living in a retirement home for performers. It’s a compelling look at ageing artists, much like A Late Quartet. Both films feature the theme of reconciliation with the past and the challenge of confronting diminishing abilities.