Movies like Alien Resurrection (1997)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Alien Resurrection, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Prometheus

    #162 most popular movie yesterday

    Set in the same universe as Alien Resurrection, Prometheus explores the origins of the Xenomorph species. This Ridley Scott directed feature combines the existential dread of sci-fi with the visceral thrill of survival, making it a must-watch for enthusiasts of the Alien saga.

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    2. Aliens

    #167 most popular movie yesterday

    As a direct predecessor in the franchise, Aliens ramps up the horror and action with Ellen Ripley facing off against the extraterrestrial threat once again. Fans of Alien Resurrection will appreciate the series' blend of science fiction intensity and strong character dynamics, especially with Sigourney Weaver's iconic lead performance.

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    3. The Thing

    #368 most popular movie yesterday

    John Carpenter's The Thing presents a gripping tale of paranoia and isolation as researchers in Antarctica encounter a shape-shifting alien. Like Alien Resurrection, it combines horror with a sci-fi backdrop and offers viewers edge-of-their-seat thrills.

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    4. Event Horizon

    #527 most popular movie yesterday

    Event Horizon offers a dark blend of science fiction and horror, as a crew investigates a missing spaceship that has returned with something new and malevolent on board. Its chilling atmosphere and narrative surprises will resonate with fans of the suspenseful and the supernatural elements present in Alien Resurrection.

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    5. Pitch Black

    #1,928 most popular movie yesterday

    Pitch Black features the anti-hero Riddick using his unique abilities to survive on a planet full of alien predators. Its dark tone and focus on survival against extraterrestrial creatures make it a great fit for Alien Resurrection aficionados.

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    6. Pandorum

    #2,218 most popular movie yesterday

    Pandorum's narrative revolves around two astronauts who awaken on a seemingly abandoned spacecraft with no memory of their mission or identity, thrust into a fight for survival. The mix of memory loss, madness, and monster menace hits similar notes to the tension and horror seen in the Alien franchise.