Movies like Atonement (2007)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Atonement, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. The Notebook

    #326 most popular movie yesterday

    The Notebook is an iconic love story that spans the test of time, much like the love story in Atonement. Its portrayal of a couple's journey over many years, overcoming societal obstacles and personal challenges, will enthrall those who are attracted to poignant romantic dramas.

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    2. Pride & Prejudice

    #838 most popular movie yesterday

    Pride & Prejudice, like Atonement, is based on a novel by a celebrated British author and captures the intricacies of love across different social classes in a historical setting. The dance of romance and societal expectations makes it appealing for those who were entranced by the forbidden love and period details in Atonement.

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    3. Anna Karenina

    #1,068 most popular movie yesterday

    Another Joe Wright film, Anna Karenina presents a tragic love story in a sumptuously designed period setting. The elaborate costumes, crafted sets, and exploration of class and romance offer a majestic take that fans of Atonement’s visually stunning and emotionally rich storytelling will appreciate.

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    4. Revolutionary Road

    #1,126 most popular movie yesterday

    Revolutionary Road offers a profound look at the unraveling of a couple's relationship in the 1950s. While it takes place in a different time period than Atonement, its intense character study and themes of desire, dreams, and the harsh blows of reality will resonate with viewers who appreciate the serious tone and artistry of Atonement.

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    5. The English Patient

    #1,254 most popular movie yesterday

    Set against the backdrop of World War II, The English Patient is a heart-wrenching tale of love, betrayal, and loss that vibrates with emotional intensity similar to Atonement. The movie, which unfolds in a series of lengthy flashbacks, is a tour de force of passion and tragedy that will resonate with fans of sweeping historical dramas.

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    6. The Reader

    #1,448 most popular movie yesterday

    The Reader delves into a post-WWII setting where a complex relationship unfolds, mired in guilt and difficult choices. Its themes of love, secrets, and the consequences of the past are akin to the emotional narrative driving Atonement, making it a powerful match for fans.

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    7. Cold Mountain

    #1,587 most popular movie yesterday

    Set against the backdrop of the Civil War, Cold Mountain follows a perilous journey fueled by love and the hope of reunion, echoing the overarching themes of Atonement. The struggle against all odds and the sprawling wartime setting will draw in viewers who have a penchant for epic romantic dramas.

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    8. The Illusionist

    #2,251 most popular movie yesterday

    The Illusionist features a romance shrouded in mystery and the pursuit of forbidden love. With its period setting and intricate narrative twists, the film captures a similar atmospheric charm to that of Atonement, appealing to those who are fascinated by the art of storytelling and cinematic beauty.