Movies like Boat Trip (2002)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Boat Trip, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. American Pie

    #221 most popular movie yesterday

    American Pie is a coming-of-age story that defined a generation with its frank depiction of teenage sexuality and friendship. Similar to Boat Trip in its explicit humor and outrageous scenarios, fans looking for another dose of comedy with heart will find it here.

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    2. The Hangover

    #658 most popular movie yesterday

    Although The Hangover is structured more as a comedy-mystery, it shares wild comedic set pieces and buddy-film dynamics that viewers relish in Boat Trip. The comedic chemistry among its cast as they navigate through chaotic and humorous situations makes this film a must-watch.

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    3. Old School

    #1,543 most popular movie yesterday

    Old School features a group of adults who attempt to recapture their youth, which parallels Boat Trip's theme of characters finding themselves in unexpected situations. Its blend of adult humor and sentimental moments makes it a good match for Boat Trip enthusiasts.

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    4. The Hot Chick

    #1,781 most popular movie yesterday

    The Hot Chick shares a similar comedic style to Boat Trip, with an over-the-top premise involving a swapping of roles and the resulting humorous situations. Fans of Boat Trip might appreciate the mix of crude humor and heart found in this tale of a popular high school cheerleader who finds herself magically trapped in the body of a thirty-something man.

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    5. EuroTrip

    #1,814 most popular movie yesterday

    EuroTrip delivers an array of European stereotypes and cultural misunderstandings in a similar fashion to how Boat Trip plays with cruise ship culture. The plot revolves around friends and their comedic misadventures abroad, making for a movie fans of one will likely enjoy the other.

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    6. Wedding Crashers

    #2,161 most popular movie yesterday

    Wedding Crashers revolves around two friends with a unique hobby that leads them to outrageous and often inappropriate situations. Much like Boat Trip, it mixes risque humor with a storyline about relationships and unexpected romance.

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    7. Road Trip

    #8,032 most popular movie yesterday

    Sharing more than just a similarity in title, Road Trip is a raucous journey of a group of friends embarking on an increasingly outlandish adventure. Like Boat Trip, it offers a blend of camaraderie, romance and a comedic look at the bonds formed when everything that can go wrong, does.