Movies like Cape Fear (1991)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Cape Fear, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Fatal Attraction

    #99 most popular movie yesterday

    The film's portrayal of obsession and its psychological grip make Fatal Attraction a gripping watch for fans of Cape Fear. Its infamous depiction of an extramarital affair turned dangerously obsessive offers suspense that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

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    2. The Gift

    #1,580 most popular movie yesterday

    The Gift explores the consequences of past actions and the horror they can bring to the present, similar to Cape Fear's narrative of revenge. The movie's engaging mystery and suspenseful storyline will captivate fans of psychological thrillers.

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    3. Sleeping with the Enemy

    #2,058 most popular movie yesterday

    Sleeping with the Enemy explores themes of stalking and domestic abuse, much like the terror experienced by the family in Cape Fear. It's a suspenseful tale of a woman trying to escape her controlling husband that captivates audiences with its intense drama and psychological thrills.

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    4. Single White Female

    #2,658 most popular movie yesterday

    Single White Female delivers a chilling look at identity theft and deadly obsession within a roommate situation, themes that echo Cape Fear's elements of close-proximity threat and psychological manipulation.

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    5. Unlawful Entry

    #3,390 most popular movie yesterday

    Centered around a couple dealing with the invasion of a menacing cop, Unlawful Entry's themes of authority abuse and violation of personal safety align closely with the unsettling atmosphere and tension experienced in Cape Fear.

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    6. Pacific Heights

    #3,889 most popular movie yesterday

    Much like Cape Fear, Pacific Heights is a psychological thriller involving the themes of stalking and home invasion. The film's plot follows landlords who rent a room to the wrong tenant, leading to a battle of wits and terror.

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    7. Fear

    #4,523 most popular movie yesterday

    Fear presents a teen romance gone dangerously wrong, echoing Cape Fear's themes of obsession and intimidation. It's a story of how an initially charming personality can become a threat, making it a hit with viewers who fancy psychological tension.