Movies like Copperhead (2013)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Copperhead, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Lincoln

    #1,226 most popular movie yesterday

    Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' focuses on the President's tumultuous final months in office as he pursues passage of the 13th Amendment to end slavery. 'Copperhead' enthusiasts interested in the political intricacies and human elements of the Civil War will find 'Lincoln' to be a compelling examination of leadership in times of crisis.

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    2. Glory

    #1,317 most popular movie yesterday

    'Glory' tells the powerful true story of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, the first all-black regiment in the Civil War. Those moved by 'Copperhead's' exploration of morality and courage during wartime will be equally compelled by the emotional and gritty journey depicted in 'Glory.'

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    3. Cold Mountain

    #1,361 most popular movie yesterday

    This poignant tale of a Confederate soldier's journey back to his beloved after the Civil War captures the heartache of separation and the horrors of war, akin to the personal drama and historical context presented in 'Copperhead.' 'Cold Mountain's' star-studded cast and gripping narrative will resonate with viewers.

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    4. Gettysburg

    #1,799 most popular movie yesterday

    'Gettysburg' stands as a landmark Civil War epic that offers a meticulous re-enactment of one of the war's most pivotal battles. Viewers who appreciated the historical depth and narrative style of 'Copperhead' will find much to admire in the grand scale and tragic beauty captured in 'Gettysburg.'

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    5. Gods and Generals

    #2,308 most popular movie yesterday

    As a prequel to the highly acclaimed 'Gettysburg,' 'Gods and Generals' follows the rise and fall of legendary war hero Stonewall Jackson. Fans of 'Copperhead' will be drawn to this detailed portrayal of American Civil War battles, leadership, and the complex moral dilemmas faced by its characters.

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    6. Ride with the Devil

    #4,203 most popular movie yesterday

    Ang Lee's 'Ride with the Devil' portrays the lives of Southern Bushwhackers and their personal conflicts during the Civil War. Its complex characters and moral ambiguity align well with 'Copperhead,' providing a similarly thoughtful look at civil strife and individual experiences.

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    7. The Conspirator

    #4,590 most popular movie yesterday

    Directed by Robert Redford, 'The Conspirator' delves into the aftermath of Lincoln's assassination by following the trial of Mary Surratt. Audiences who favor 'Copperhead's' nuanced Civil War-era storytelling will be intrigued by this film’s blend of courtroom drama and historical intrigue.