Movies like Criminal Law (1989)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Criminal Law, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. The Devil's Advocate

    #511 most popular movie yesterday

    The blend of legal drama and supernatural elements in The Devil's Advocate offers a unique journey akin to the twisting narrative of Criminal Law. A young attorney joins a prestigious law firm only to uncover its diabolic secrets, making for an enthralling film rich with moral quandaries and suspense.

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    2. The Lincoln Lawyer

    #558 most popular movie yesterday

    With its focus on a slick defense attorney operating out of the back of his Lincoln car, The Lincoln Lawyer captures the essence of a legal thriller much like Criminal Law. The protagonist's journey through legal ethics and personal risk weaves an engaging tale that will satisfy those with a proclivity for courtroom dramas and unexpected plot twists.

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    3. A Few Good Men

    #687 most popular movie yesterday

    Naval legal drama A Few Good Men resonates with the same intensity and legal battling found in Criminal Law. The impeccable performance by its cast and the iconic courtroom scenes delve into the morality of military justice, making it a compelling watch for those intrigued by the legal maneuverings and ethical dilemmas presented in Criminal Law.

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    4. Primal Fear

    #1,023 most popular movie yesterday

    A gripping legal thriller that will appeal to fans of Criminal Law, Primal Fear spins the tale of a defense attorney who takes on the case of a young altar boy accused of murder. The film's intense courtroom drama and shocking twists will captivate audiences in a manner reminiscent of Criminal Law's suspenseful narrative.

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    5. Fracture

    #2,397 most popular movie yesterday

    Fracture is a must-watch for fans of clever, plot-driven thrillers like Criminal Law. The film showcases an intense game of cat and mouse between a deputy district attorney and a man who attempted to murder his wife, with a legal battle that's both intellectually stimulating and full of surprises.

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    6. Presumed Innocent

    #3,457 most popular movie yesterday

    Fans of the legal intrigue and murder mystery in Criminal Law will find Presumed Innocent to be a compelling counterpart. The story follows a prosecutor charged with the murder of his colleague and lover, intertwining his personal and professional life in a complex web of suspicion and betrayal.

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    7. Jagged Edge

    #3,588 most popular movie yesterday

    For those enticed by the crime and courtroom drama of Criminal Law, Jagged Edge presents a similarly enthralling story. It follows a lawyer defending a publisher accused of murdering his heiress wife. The mounting suspense and intricate plot twists will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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    8. Suspect

    #5,829 most popular movie yesterday

    Suspect brings the courtroom to life in a way that audiences who enjoyed Criminal Law will appreciate. This film involves a public defender aiming to clear her client, a homeless man accused of murder, while uncovering a high-level conspiracy in the process, adding layers of political intrigue to the legal thrills.