Movies like Dangerous Ground (1997)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Dangerous Ground, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Boyz n the Hood

    #486 most popular movie yesterday

    This classic film offers a raw and emotional portrayal of life in South Central Los Angeles. Similar to Dangerous Ground, it deals with themes of violence, redemption, and the struggle to escape the confines of a troubled neighborhood.

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    2. Fresh

    #842 most popular movie yesterday

    Just like Dangerous Ground, Fresh explores the gritty urban environment where crime and personal struggles dominate the narrative. The movie follows a 12-year-old boy who employs his savvy intelligence to steer clear through a dangerous drug-dealing network.

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    3. New Jack City

    #1,229 most popular movie yesterday

    Viewers who appreciate the urban crime drama of Dangerous Ground might find the compelling storyline of New Jack City riveting, as it details the rise and fall of an inner-city drug lord.

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    4. Menace II Society

    #1,903 most popular movie yesterday

    As a film that delves into the challenges of inner-city life, Menace II Society similarly uncovers the brutal realities and life choices faced by young African Americans in a crime-ridden neighborhood.

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    5. Set It Off

    #2,848 most popular movie yesterday

    Set It Off provides a gripping tale of four women who embark on a series of bank robberies. Much like the protagonists of Dangerous Ground, they face the moral dilemmas and harsh realities of life on the edge.

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    6. Dead Presidents

    #3,333 most popular movie yesterday

    Similar to Dangerous Ground, Dead Presidents tackles the society's underbelly, focusing on a young man's involvement in a life of crime after returning from the Vietnam War and struggling to adjust.

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    7. Above the Rim

    #3,894 most popular movie yesterday

    Above the Rim is a basketball drama with suspense and danger lurking within. It parallels Dangerous Ground in its portrayal of the complexities of achieving success amidst an environment filled with temptations and illegal activities.

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    8. South Central

    #4,955 most popular movie yesterday

    In the vein of Dangerous Ground, South Central presents a redemptive story of a father's fight to save his son from the gang life that once consumed him, underlining the cycle of violence and the power of paternal love.