Movies like Death Before Dishonor (1987)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Death Before Dishonor, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Under Siege

    #1,755 most popular movie yesterday

    Under Siege features Steven Seagal as a former SEAL turned cook who must thwart terrorists on a US Navy battleship. The one-man-army trope and the high-stakes military environment make this a compelling watch for fans of Death Before Dishonor's action-driven narrative.

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    2. Behind Enemy Lines

    #2,170 most popular movie yesterday

    Behind Enemy Lines follows a downed naval aviator evading capture in hostile territory. The survival element and the relentless enemy chase will resonate with those who enjoy the tension and the patriotism in Death Before Dishonor.

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    3. Heartbreak Ridge

    #2,787 most popular movie yesterday

    Heartbreak Ridge is a war film showcasing Clint Eastwood as a hard-nosed Marine preparing his troops for the invasion of Grenada. Fans of Death Before Dishonor will appreciate the strong military themes and the gruff leadership of Eastwood's character, paralleling the tough heroism often found in militaristic action movies.

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    4. The Delta Force

    #3,498 most popular movie yesterday

    This high-stakes action film starring Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin dives into a hostage-rescue operation by an elite anti-terrorist squad. Those who enjoy Death Before Dishonor's themes of loyalty and sacrifice will find The Delta Force's depictions of courage under fire to be right up their alley.

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    5. Rules of Engagement

    #3,625 most popular movie yesterday

    Rules of Engagement explores the gray areas of military combat and the consequences of a controversial engagement. Featuring intense courtroom sequences alongside battlefield action, it caters to those who appreciated the ethical dilemmas and tough decisions in Death Before Dishonor.

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    6. Missing in Action

    #4,635 most popular movie yesterday

    Chuck Norris stars in this action-packed film about a Vietnam War veteran who returns to Vietnam to rescue American POWs. The movie's focus on a soldier's relentless pursuit of justice and his fight against the odds resonates with the essence of Death Before Dishonor.

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    7. Iron Eagle

    #5,464 most popular movie yesterday

    Iron Eagle is an aerial combat film where a young pilot embarks on a daring rescue mission to save his father in a foreign land. With its portrayal of an underdog taking on a seemingly impossible mission, fans of Death Before Dishonor's themes of individual heroism and valor will find it thoroughly engaging.