Movies like Fast Forward (1985)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Fast Forward, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Footloose

    #638 most popular movie yesterday

    Footloose is an iconic dance film that shares the youthful energy and passion for dance evident in Fast Forward. Join Ren McCormack as he moves to a small town where dance is banned and shakes things up with his moves.

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    2. Flashdance

    #1,491 most popular movie yesterday

    Flashdance is a classic that definitely resonates with the vibrant dance energy of Fast Forward. It tells the tale of a young dancer who dreams of becoming a professional while facing the hardships of life and love.

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    3. Step Up

    #1,834 most popular movie yesterday

    If you're into dance and coming-of-age stories like Fast Forward, Step Up will keep you grooving. Watch as a rebellious street dancer is sentenced to community service at an elite performing arts school and discovers a passion for dance that transforms his life.

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    4. Honey

    #3,175 most popular movie yesterday

    Just like Fast Forward, Honey explores the challenges and triumphs of aspiring to a career in dance. It follows a hip-hop dancer and choreographer who fights to realize her dreams while navigating the sometimes-harsh realities of the dance industry.

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    5. Breakin'

    #4,098 most popular movie yesterday

    This 80s classic is a must-watch for fans of dance films like Fast Forward. Breakin' showcases the world of street dancing in Los Angeles as two struggling classical dancers team up with a funky hip-hop enthusiast to compete in a dance competition.

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    6. Stomp the Yard

    #4,721 most popular movie yesterday

    Dance battles take center stage in Stomp the Yard, making it a great follow-up for audiences who enjoyed Fast Forward. The film features a troubled youth who discovers a new sense of purpose through the stepping traditions of a historically black university.

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    7. Center Stage

    #4,746 most popular movie yesterday

    Center Stage will resonate with fans of Fast Forward who are drawn to stories of ambition and passion in the dance world. The movie revolves around several young dancers from various backgrounds as they enroll at a prestigious ballet academy in New York.

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    8. You Got Served

    #4,746 most popular movie yesterday

    For lovers of dance competition films like Fast Forward, You Got Served dives into the competitive world of street dancing, where two friends must face trials in their personal lives and on the dance floor.