Movies like Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (2009)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. About Time

    #763 most popular movie yesterday

    About Time merges the charms of British humor with a touching time-travel tale. It focuses on the life of a young man who learns he can time travel and decides to improve his past to secure a better future. The film's warm and witty narrative style aligns it closely to Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel.

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    2. Looper

    #1,113 most popular movie yesterday

    Looper presents a gritty and action-packed approach to the time travel genre, focusing on a hitman whose latest target is his future self, sent back in time. Its inventive plot twists and compelling characters make it a captivating watch for time travel enthusiasts.

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    3. Midnight in Paris

    #1,425 most popular movie yesterday

    Midnight in Paris offers a whimsical journey through time, as the protagonist discovers a way to travel back to the 1920s every midnight. The blend of romantic comedy, historical figures, and time travel provides a similarly light-hearted and enchanting experience to Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel.

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    4. Hot Tub Time Machine

    #2,744 most popular movie yesterday

    Hot Tub Time Machine combines raucous comedy with time-travel shenanigans as a group of friends are transported back to the 1980s via a malfunctioning hot tub. Much like Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, this film doesn't shy away from the comedic potential of its premise.

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    5. The Time Traveler's Wife

    #2,877 most popular movie yesterday

    The Time Traveler's Wife explores the complexities of love and time travel in a more romantic setting. As the title suggests, it follows the life of a man with a genetic anomaly that causes him to inadvertently time travel, impacting his relationships. This emotional narrative weaves the intricacies of time travel with a poignant love story.

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    6. Safety Not Guaranteed

    #4,354 most popular movie yesterday

    Blending quirky comedy with a unique time travel storyline, Safety Not Guaranteed revolves around a bizarre classified ad that leads to an unexpected adventure for a team of journalists. Its mix of humor and heart makes it a great follow-up for fans of Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel.

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    7. Timecrimes

    #5,380 most popular movie yesterday

    Timecrimes is a Spanish-language film that delves into the darker side of time travel. Its gripping narrative and unexpected twists will appeal to those who appreciate the complexities and paradoxes often found in time travel plots.