Movies like Harriet the Spy (1996)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Harriet the Spy, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Matilda

    #467 most popular movie yesterday

    Matilda revolves around a precocious girl with telekinetic powers who, much like Harriet, uses her intelligence and creativity to overcome life's challenges. Fans of Harriet the Spy will appreciate another story of a young girl navigating her unique abilities and standing up for herself.

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    2. Spy Kids

    #1,600 most popular movie yesterday

    With a heavy dose of adventure and fun gadgets, Spy Kids showcases two children who become spies to save their parents from an evil mastermind. The mix of family dynamics and secret missions makes this an attractive option for those who loved Harriet the Spy's blend of youthful sleuthing and action.

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    3. Ramona and Beezus

    #2,295 most popular movie yesterday

    Although not centered around espionage, Ramona and Beezus captures the imaginative life of young Ramona Quimby and her family relationships. The movie echoes the youthful perspective and tenacity seen in Harriet the Spy, combined with the added charm of family dynamics.

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    4. The Spy Next Door

    #3,152 most popular movie yesterday

    In this family action-comedy, Jackie Chan plays a spy on loan from the Chinese government who winds up babysitting his neighbor's children, who inadvertently get involved in his spy work. The film blends espionage and humor in a manner that will resonate with audiences who enjoyed the misadventures in Harriet the Spy.

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    5. Agent Cody Banks

    #3,548 most popular movie yesterday

    Agent Cody Banks features a young teen working for the CIA who must balance high school life with his secret missions. The film's focus on a youthful secret agent's escapades feels in line with the adventurous spirit of Harriet the Spy.

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    6. Nancy Drew

    #4,535 most popular movie yesterday

    Nancy Drew follows the titular teen detective as she moves to Los Angeles and stumbles upon a mystery involving a famous movie star. Like Harriet the Spy, this film features a young female protagonist using her wits and curiosity to solve a mystery, making it a perfect pick for fans of clever, adventure-driven storytelling.

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    7. Madeline

    #4,822 most popular movie yesterday

    In this live-action adaptation of the classic children's books, Madeline is a plucky young girl whose adventures at a boarding school and around Paris may charm those who loved Harriet the Spy's spirit and fearlessness.