Movies like Hit List (1989)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Hit List, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

    #409 most popular movie yesterday

    Mr. & Mrs. Smith offers a mix of action, comedy, and romantic tension between two secret assassins married to each other, which might appeal to those who enjoyed the interplay between characters in Hit List.

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    2. True Lies

    #1,027 most popular movie yesterday

    True Lies is about a secret agent whose wife becomes involved in his spy life, leading to explosive action and comedy. Its balance of thrilling sequences and family dynamic can be appealing for fans of Hit List.

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    3. The Whole Nine Yards

    #2,170 most popular movie yesterday

    The film revolves around a dentist who realizes his new neighbor is a notorious hit man. The blend of dark comedy and crime elements in The Whole Nine Yards may be a hit for fans of Hit List's offbeat humor and action.

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    4. Knight and Day

    #2,476 most popular movie yesterday

    In Knight and Day, an ordinary woman gets tangled in an undercover agent's mission, leading to a high-octane global adventure. The film's mix of action and comedy with a romantic undertone might attract those who liked Hit List.

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    5. Date Night

    #2,727 most popular movie yesterday

    Date Night features a couple whose mundane life takes an adventurous turn after a case of mistaken identity. The crazy antics and humor in a dangerous world of crime are thematically similar to Hit List.

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    6. This Means War

    #3,251 most popular movie yesterday

    This Means War centers around two CIA operatives who find out they’re dating the same woman, leading to a competitive showdown. Its blend of romantic comedy with spy-action might strike a chord with fans of Hit List.

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    7. Killers

    #4,001 most popular movie yesterday

    Killers follows a similar storyline where a suburban couple's life turns upside down because of the husband's secret life as a spy. The mix of domestic comedy and action will resonate with viewers who enjoyed Hit List.

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    8. The Bounty Hunter

    #4,492 most popular movie yesterday

    The Bounty Hunter features a similar blend of action and comedy, focusing on a bounty hunter who is tasked with bringing in his ex-wife. The dynamic between the leads and the blend of genres is something fans of Hit List would appreciate.