Movies like In the Loop (2009)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like In the Loop, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Bob Roberts

    #648 most popular movie yesterday

    Bob Roberts is a mockumentary film that follows a conservative folk singer turned politician. Its satirical approach to the campaign trail and political personas will resonate with viewers who appreciate the sharp satire and dark humor of In the Loop.

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    2. Wag the Dog

    #937 most popular movie yesterday

    Wag the Dog is a political satire that reflects a similar cynicism about politics seen in In the Loop. The film involves a spin doctor and a Hollywood producer who fabricate a war to distract voters from a presidential scandal, showcasing the same kind of biting humor and behind-the-scenes manipulation.

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    3. In the Line of Fire

    #1,591 most popular movie yesterday

    In the Line of Fire may feel like a departure from strictly comedic tones, as it is more of a thriller, but it shares the political backdrop and high-stakes atmosphere of In the Loop. With Clint Eastwood starring as a secret service agent, the film delves into the tension and drama of political life.

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    4. Thank You for Smoking

    #3,019 most popular movie yesterday

    This satirical comedy follows a tobacco lobbyist adept at spinning arguments to defend the cigarette industry. Like In the Loop, Thank You for Smoking offers a witty, fast-paced script that delves into the spin-doctoring and public relations side of politics, with a similarly cynical outlook on its characters' moral compasses.

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    5. Primary Colors

    #3,520 most popular movie yesterday

    Based on a novel about Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign, Primary Colors mixes drama with satire in a story that parallels real-life political events. Fans of In the Loop may appreciate the film's humor and its behind-the-scenes look at the messy intersection of politics and personal behavior.

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    6. Bulworth

    #3,758 most popular movie yesterday

    Warren Beatty's Bulworth is a political satire that features a disillusioned politician who starts speaking his unfiltered truth to the public. If the candid and often uncomfortable political humor of In the Loop is what draws viewers, Bulworth offers a similar experience.