Movies like Jesus Henry Christ (2012)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Jesus Henry Christ, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Juno

    #215 most popular movie yesterday

    Juno presents a smart and witty teenage protagonist dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Its clever dialogue and unique characters resonate with the tone of Jesus Henry Christ, appealing to viewers who appreciate a humorous take on serious life themes.

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    2. Little Miss Sunshine

    #310 most popular movie yesterday

    This quirky comedy-drama follows a dysfunctional family on a road trip, whose members have their individual quirks and ambitions, much like the peculiar dynamics in Jesus Henry Christ. The film's blend of humor and heart makes it a great match for audiences looking for similarly offbeat family stories.

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    3. Matilda

    #538 most popular movie yesterday

    Based on Roald Dahl's novel, Matilda is about a young girl with extraordinary intelligence and telekinetic powers. The movie's mix of childhood wonder and family challenges makes it a kindred spirit to Jesus Henry Christ.

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    4. The Royal Tenenbaums

    #1,663 most popular movie yesterday

    Directed by Wes Anderson, this film features an eccentric family of former child prodigies, paralleling the gifted protagonist of Jesus Henry Christ. Its stylistic storytelling and dark humor make for a comparable cinematic experience.

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    5. Moonrise Kingdom

    #1,957 most popular movie yesterday

    Another Wes Anderson gem that tells the story of young love and running away from home. Its whimsical take on childhood and familial issues echoes the themes found in Jesus Henry Christ.

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    6. About a Boy

    #3,014 most popular movie yesterday

    In this comedy-drama, a man-child forms an unlikely friendship with a young boy who changes his perspective on life. The tone and character dynamics share similarities with Jesus Henry Christ and its exploration of unconventional relationships.

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    7. The Kids Are All Right

    #3,161 most popular movie yesterday

    This film centers around the children of a same-sex couple who seek out their biological father, which leads to familial tensions. Its modern family narrative and dramedy elements cater to those who enjoyed the family dynamics in Jesus Henry Christ.

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    8. Igby Goes Down

    #4,407 most popular movie yesterday

    A coming-of-age black comedy, where the titular character rebels against his wealthy but dysfunctional family, reminiscent of the youthful independence and family complexities present in Jesus Henry Christ.