Movies like K-9: P.I. (2002)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like K-9: P.I., here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Turner & Hooch

    #3,645 most popular movie yesterday

    Turner & Hooch is a buddy cop comedy-drama featuring Tom Hanks alongside a slobbery Dogue de Bordeaux. Fans of K-9: P.I. will appreciate the blend of humor and crime-fighting as a neat detective adjusts to life with a messy, drooling dog sidekick.

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    2. Beverly Hills Chihuahua

    #4,125 most popular movie yesterday

    Beverly Hills Chihuahua provides a light-hearted dog adventure filled with humor and talking animals. Though it's tailored more to a family audience, fans of K-9: P.I. looking for a fun, canine-centric movie may find it especially enjoyable.

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    3. Renaissance Man

    #4,198 most popular movie yesterday

    Renaissance Man, although not focused on a dog, features a similar comic sensibility with the pairing of Danny DeVito as a down-on-his-luck businessman turned teacher. Fans of the light-hearted underdog story in K-9: P.I. may find this character-driven comedy appealing.

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    4. The Shaggy Dog

    #4,438 most popular movie yesterday

    The Shaggy Dog offers a twist as a man finds himself transforming into a sheepdog. While more fantastical, fans of K-9: P.I. might delight in the added element of comedy that comes from the transformation hijinks.

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    5. K-9

    #4,451 most popular movie yesterday

    K-9 is the original film that launched the franchise, starring James Belushi as a rule-bending police detective who partners up with a drug-sniffing German Shepherd. It's a must-watch for those who enjoyed K-9: P.I., as it establishes the foundation for Detective Dooley's and his dog's relationship.

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    6. See Spot Run

    #5,876 most popular movie yesterday

    See Spot Run delivers another lovable dog-centered movie where a mailman takes in a stray bullmastiff who is actually an FBI drug-sniffing superdog on the lam. Fans of K-9: P.I. will enjoy the slapstick humor and good-hearted fun.

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    7. Top Dog

    #6,780 most popular movie yesterday

    Top Dog pairs Chuck Norris with a police dog in this action-packed comedy. Those who enjoy the partnership between man and his canine in K-9: P.I. will find the dynamic between the martial artist and the pooch in Top Dog equally entertaining.

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    8. K-911

    #7,302 most popular movie yesterday

    K-911 is a sequel to the original K-9 movie and a prelude to K-9: P.I., with James Belushi reprising his role as Detective Dooley. Fans looking for more of the same comical chemistry between a cop and his four-legged partner will not be disappointed.