Movies like Keys to Tulsa (1997)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Keys to Tulsa, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Twilight

    #555 most popular movie yesterday

    This neo-noir film (not to be confused with the vampire saga) engages viewers with its tale of a private investigator wrapped up in a complex set of crimes. Twilight provides a multifaceted mystery similar to Keys to Tulsa for the audience to unravel.

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    2. The Last Seduction

    #2,183 most popular movie yesterday

    With its femme fatale lead and a storyline rich with deception and crime, The Last Seduction is a perfect companion for fans of Keys to Tulsa. Viewers will be drawn to its dark tone and the conniving charm that keeps you guessing until the end.

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    3. Mulholland Falls

    #2,316 most popular movie yesterday

    Mulholland Falls, set in post-war Los Angeles, is a film full of corruption, murder, and mystery. Like Keys to Tulsa, it offers an intricate plot and captures the essence of classic film noir updated to a more modern context.

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    4. U Turn

    #3,821 most popular movie yesterday

    U Turn is a gritty and twisting neo-noir similar to Keys to Tulsa. It features a protagonist caught in a dire situation in a small town, filled with odd characters and violent encounters that will resonate with like-minded viewers.

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    5. Red Rock West

    #5,011 most popular movie yesterday

    Red Rock West shares the small-town secrets and a neo-noir atmosphere with Keys to Tulsa, making it a surefire hit for those who enjoy a good yarn of mistaken identity and morally ambiguous characters tangled in a web of lies.

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    6. Palmetto

    #6,866 most popular movie yesterday

    Palmetto offers a world of trouble, twists, and noir-esque thrills, much like Keys to Tulsa. Someone who revels in a steamy mystery with a down-on-his-luck protagonist will find this film's intricate plot and moral ambiguity captivating.

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    7. After Dark, My Sweet

    #6,883 most popular movie yesterday

    After Dark, My Sweet captures the essence of a neo-noir thriller with its story of an ex-boxer and a widow caught in a kidnapping scheme. Those who appreciate the morally grey areas and tense narrative of Keys to Tulsa will find this film equally enthralling.