Movies like Man of the Century (1999)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Man of the Century, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Midnight in Paris

    #1,448 most popular movie yesterday

    Offering a whimsical journey through the romanticized version of 1920s Paris, Midnight in Paris resonates with viewers who relish in the bygone eras depicted in Man of the Century.

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    2. The Hudsucker Proxy

    #2,018 most popular movie yesterday

    The Hudsucker Proxy is a satirical view of the corporate world during the 1950s. Its retro setting and comedic tone make it a natural follow-up for those who are fond of the atmosphere in Man of the Century.

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    3. Hail, Caesar!

    #2,129 most popular movie yesterday

    As a comedic take on Hollywood's Golden Age, Hail, Caesar! shares Man of the Century's affection for a bygone era, wrapped up in a zany, star-studded package.

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    4. The Artist

    #2,558 most popular movie yesterday

    The Artist is a silent movie tribute to the cinematic form of the 1920s and it captures the same old-fashioned sensibilities and charm, serving as a delightful experience for fans of the classic feel found in Man of the Century.

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    5. Café Society

    #3,457 most popular movie yesterday

    Set in the classic age of the 1930s, Café Society exudes a similar vintage charm to Man of the Century. Fans will appreciate its nostalgic look at Hollywood's golden era, infused with the romantic and comedic elements that make it a Woody Allen trademark.

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    6. Bullets Over Broadway

    #3,953 most popular movie yesterday

    Set in 1920s New York and centered around a struggling playwright, Bullets Over Broadway mirrors the era depicted in Man of the Century and appeals to those who enjoy the blend of humor and homage to the Jazz Age.

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    7. Sweet and Lowdown

    #5,299 most popular movie yesterday

    Sweet and Lowdown presents a fictional jazz guitarist's story set in the 1930s, and its portrayal of period charm is likely to captivate Man of the Century enthusiasts.

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    8. Radioland Murders

    #6,058 most popular movie yesterday

    This comedy-mystery throwback to the 1930s captures a similar retro vibe to Man of the Century, delivering laughs and a period feel that should resonate with fans of such historical comedies.