Movies like Marmaduke (2010)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Marmaduke, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Marley & Me

    #2,275 most popular movie yesterday

    Marley & Me is a touching story about a family learning important life lessons from their adorable, but naughty and neurotic dog, Marley. It strikes the same emotional and comedic chords as Marmaduke.

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    2. Air Bud

    #2,321 most popular movie yesterday

    Air Bud features a talented dog with an uncanny ability to play basketball. This heartwarming film with an athletically gifted canine will score points with Marmaduke's fan base.

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    3. Cats & Dogs

    #3,320 most popular movie yesterday

    Cats & Dogs delves into the secret life of pets where cats and dogs are high-tech spies. With its blend of live-action and animation, and a storyline featuring pets on a mission, it resonates well with Marmaduke's audience.

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    4. Beverly Hills Chihuahua

    #3,781 most popular movie yesterday

    Beverly Hills Chihuahua is a fun-filled adventure featuring a pampered pup that finds herself on an unexpected journey through Mexico. Fans of Marmaduke will appreciate this movie for its comedic animal antics and heartwarming story.

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    5. Hotel for Dogs

    #4,212 most popular movie yesterday

    Hotel for Dogs follows two orphaned siblings who secretly take in stray dogs at an abandoned hotel. The movie's mix of comedy, antics of lovable canines, and an uplifting message makes it a great pick for Marmaduke aficionados.

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    6. Underdog

    #4,213 most popular movie yesterday

    Underdog features a canine superhero given powers through an extraordinary accident. This movie's blend of comedy, action, and a dog with special abilities makes it a sure bet for fans of Marmaduke.

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    7. The Shaggy Dog

    #4,573 most popular movie yesterday

    The Shaggy Dog is a comedic tale of a man who turns into a sheepdog. The film's humorous take on human-animal transformations will appeal to those who enjoy the lighthearted, family-friendly vibe of Marmaduke.