Movies like Mesmerized (1985)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Mesmerized, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Sense and Sensibility

    #1,132 most popular movie yesterday

    Ang Lee's adaptation of Jane Austen's beloved novel is rich in period detail and explores the romantic entanglements and financial hardships of the Dashwood sisters, paralleling themes of love and economic survival found in Mesmerized.

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    2. Dangerous Liaisons

    #1,133 most popular movie yesterday

    In this tale of seduction and betrayal set in the decadent world of 18th-century French aristocracy, viewers who appreciate Mesmerized's exploration of manipulation within relationships will find similar intrigue and sizzling chemistry between the characters.

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    3. The Piano

    #1,391 most popular movie yesterday

    Jane Campion's Oscar-winning film sets its narrative in the mid-19th century, focusing on a mute pianist and her daughter. Its themes of passion, autonomy, and connection resonate with those found in Mesmerized, offering another compelling dive into the complexities of the human heart.

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    4. The Remains of the Day

    #1,676 most popular movie yesterday

    This film delicately navigates the themes of duty, loyalty, and suppressed emotions within the context of a pre-WWII English manor house, evoking a similar atmosphere of restrained passion and moral complexity as in Mesmerized.

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    5. The Age of Innocence

    #1,894 most popular movie yesterday

    This period drama by Martin Scorsese captures the essence of societal constraints and forbidden love in the Gilded Age, echoing themes present in Mesmerized. With stunning costumes and nuanced performances, it's a must-watch for aficionados of sumptuous historical storytelling.

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    6. Jane Eyre

    #3,401 most popular movie yesterday

    This adaptation of Charlotte Brontë's classic novel will appeal to fans of Mesmerized's period setting and Gothic elements, showcasing a strong female protagonist navigating romance and mystery in Victorian England.

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    7. The House of Mirth

    #4,921 most popular movie yesterday

    Adapted from Edith Wharton's novel, this film follows the tragic fall of a socialite, mirroring Mesmerized's exploration of a woman's struggle against societal norms and expectations within a rigid class system.