Movies like Movie 43 (2013)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Movie 43, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Scary Movie

    #699 most popular movie yesterday

    Scary Movie is a horror comedy that parodies popular films in the genre with the same outrageous and irreverent tone found in Movie 43. It offers a blend of slapstick, crude jokes, and pop culture references that fans of sketch-based comedy will surely enjoy.

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    2. Movie 43

    #925 most popular movie yesterday

    Movie 43 offers a unique blend of comedy and shock value through its anthology format. Its crass, no-holds-barred humor is on full display, making it an obvious recommendation for those seeking more of its kind.

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    3. Amazon Women on the Moon

    #4,504 most popular movie yesterday

    Amazon Women on the Moon is a zany anthology that parodies the B-movie experience with its interconnected sketches. If you enjoyed the unpredictability and comedic absurdity of Movie 43, this 1987 film will likely tickle your funny bone.

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    4. The Ten

    #6,164 most popular movie yesterday

    The Ten takes a comedic look at the ten commandments through ten intertwined skits. Its irreverent and sometimes dark humor presents a similar outrageousness to that of Movie 43, appealing to a crowd that relishes in comedy that's willing to go there.