Movies like My Chauffeur (1986)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like My Chauffeur, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Pretty Woman

    #437 most popular movie yesterday

    Pretty Woman is an iconic romantic comedy where a wealthy businessman falls for a vivacious escort. It shares the theme of crossing social boundaries with My Chauffeur, as both movies involve characters from different worlds coming together in humorous and heartwarming ways.

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    2. Mannequin

    #2,142 most popular movie yesterday

    Mannequin is a delightful romantic comedy featuring a quirky storyline where a man falls in love with a mannequin that comes to life. Its whimsical and humorous tone aligns well with the eccentric and comedic nature of My Chauffeur, appealing to fans who appreciate a mix of romance and comedy wrapped in an 80s vibe.

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    3. Adventures in Babysitting

    #2,717 most popular movie yesterday

    Adventures in Babysitting combines comedy with a wild, adventure-filled plot as a babysitter and her charges get into unexpected trouble in the city. Similar to My Chauffeur, the film features a strong female lead in unusual circumstances that lead to comedic situations, offering laughs and excitement throughout.

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    4. Troop Beverly Hills

    #3,646 most popular movie yesterday

    Troop Beverly Hills explores the hilarity that ensues when a pampered Beverly Hills housewife becomes the leader of her daughter's wilderness group. It's a light-hearted comedy that, much like My Chauffeur, blends humor with an uplifting storyline about personal growth and empowerment.

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    5. Earth Girls Are Easy

    #4,132 most popular movie yesterday

    Earth Girls Are Easy is a zany comedy featuring extraterrestrials who crash-land in California and are introduced to 80s culture by a valley girl. With its bright colors, over-the-top scenarios, and playful sense of humor, it captures the same comedic spirit as My Chauffeur.

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    6. Loverboy

    #8,045 most popular movie yesterday

    Loverboy stars Patrick Dempsey as a pizza delivery boy who becomes involved with an older woman, leading to a series of comedic romantic encounters. Like My Chauffeur, it's a light-hearted romp through romantic comedy territory, with an emphasis on humor and unlikely relationships.