Movies like My Demon Lover (1987)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like My Demon Lover, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Death Becomes Her

    #673 most popular movie yesterday

    Death Becomes Her is a dark comedy that delves into the world of immortality and vanity. With its supernatural themes mixed with biting wit, it caters to audiences who enjoy the comedic undertones of romantic and mystical storylines seen in My Demon Lover.

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    2. Teen Wolf

    #710 most popular movie yesterday

    Teen Wolf is a classic comedy that, like My Demon Lover, blends elements of fantasy and romance with a coming-of-age story. Fans of the quirky transformation in My Demon Lover will enjoy watching Scott McCall's journey as he discovers his werewolf lineage while navigating high school life.

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    3. Hocus Pocus

    #1,878 most popular movie yesterday

    Hocus Pocus, although more family-friendly, shares the supernatural comedy aspect with My Demon Lover. Its story of witches trying to navigate the modern world with plenty of laughs along the way will resonate with those who enjoy the blend of humor and the supernatural.

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    4. Splash

    #2,099 most popular movie yesterday

    Splash features a unique relationship between a man and a mermaid, presenting another unconventional romantic pairing much like the demon-human relationship in My Demon Lover. This heartfelt and comedic story adds a touch of magic to the everyday world, appealing to fans of fantastical romances.

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    5. Mannequin

    #2,165 most popular movie yesterday

    Mannequin is a fantastical romance about a man who falls in love with a mannequin that comes to life. If the whimsical and unlikely romances in My Demon Lover captured your heart, this similarly themed 80s romcom will not disappoint.

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    6. The Witches of Eastwick

    #2,773 most popular movie yesterday

    The Witches of Eastwick offers a more adult take on the supernatural rom-com genre. The plot explores the lives of three women enchanted by a mysterious man with demonic qualities, blending humor, witchcraft, and romance in a way that fans of My Demon Lover will find intriguing.

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    7. Once Bitten

    #4,955 most popular movie yesterday

    Once Bitten stars Jim Carrey as a high school student who becomes involved with a beautiful vampire. The film's mix of teenage angst, humor, and an unlikely paranormal romance mirrors the light-hearted and offbeat tone found in My Demon Lover.

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    8. Love at First Bite

    #6,103 most popular movie yesterday

    In this humorous take on the Dracula legend, Love at First Bite offers a similar fusion of comedy and supernatural romance. Someone who enjoys the comedic portrayal of a supernatural being in My Demon Lover would likely appreciate George Hamilton's portrayal of a charming Count Dracula adapting to 1970s New York City.