Movies like Paparazzi (2004)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Paparazzi, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Man on Fire

    #96 most popular movie yesterday

    Man on Fire features a visceral portrayal of vengeance, with Denzel Washington playing a bodyguard seeking retribution for the abduction of a young girl he was assigned to protect. The intense focus on personal vendetta and high-octane action creates a cinematic atmosphere that fans of Paparazzi will find captivating and familiar.

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    2. Taken

    #312 most popular movie yesterday

    Taking the thrill of the chase to international levels, Taken follows a former spy who uses his particular set of skills to rescue his kidnapped daughter. Like Paparazzi, this movie shows how far one man will go when his family is threatened, appealing to viewers who enjoy a good revenge thriller with action-packed sequences.

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    3. Law Abiding Citizen

    #677 most popular movie yesterday

    If the clever cat-and-mouse play of Paparazzi kept you on the edge of your seat, Law Abiding Citizen will not disappoint. The story follows a man who orchestrates a series of ingenious and brutal revenge plots from within his prison cell, demanding viewers' attention with its twisty plot and moral ambiguity.

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    4. The Fugitive

    #1,037 most popular movie yesterday

    The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford, is an action-packed thriller that resonates with the essence of a man on the run, much like the central theme of Paparazzi. Innocent yet accused, the protagonist works to clear his name while being pursued relentlessly by a U.S. Marshal. Audience members who appreciate the combination of innocence under siege and relentless pursuit will relish the similarities.

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    5. Phone Booth

    #2,825 most popular movie yesterday

    Phone Booth is a tense thriller that shares Paparazzi's high-stakes energy and claustrophobic suspense. The film anchors on a man trapped in a phone booth, held at gunpoint by a sniper. With nowhere to run, the protagonist's fight for survival will resonate with fans of Paparazzi's intense narrative.

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    6. Changing Lanes

    #4,149 most popular movie yesterday

    Changing Lanes presents a story woven from a tapestry of revenge, ethics, and chance encounters. When two men's lives collide in a car accident, the repercussions spiral into a series of manipulative actions and retaliation. It provides psychological tension similar to Paparazzi, making it a thought-provoking watch for those who enjoy seeing the darker side of human nature.

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    7. The Brave One

    #4,885 most popular movie yesterday

    The Brave One dives into the life of a woman who embarks on a dark journey of retribution after a brutal attack. Similar to Paparazzi, the protagonist in The Brave One takes justice into her own hands, challenging the audience's perception of right and wrong through a visceral lens.

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    8. 15 Minutes

    #6,045 most popular movie yesterday

    15 Minutes is a thrilling exploration of fame, media, and crime. With themes parallel to Paparazzi, this movie pulls the viewer into a world where a New York City homicide detective teams up with a fire marshal to stop a pair of Eastern European murderers who are using the sensationalism of the media to become infamous. Fans of Paparazzi's intense look at celebrity and vengeance will find this one gripping.