Movies like People Like Us (2012)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like People Like Us, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. The Descendants

    #899 most popular movie yesterday

    With George Clooney leading its impressive cast, The Descendants delves into the themes of legacy, paternity, and personal turmoil as a man faces his wife's infidelity and looming death. Similar to People Like Us, this film is a poignant narrative about family and the complicated ties that bind.

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    2. This Is Where I Leave You

    #940 most popular movie yesterday

    This Is Where I Leave You offers a compelling look at a dysfunctional family forced to reconnect when they come together for their father's funeral. Audiences who enjoyed the family-focused narrative and complex relationships in People Like Us will find a similar vibe here.

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    3. August: Osage County

    #1,846 most popular movie yesterday

    August: Osage County features a star-studded cast that brings to life a story about a family driven by dysfunction and old secrets, much like the characters in People Like Us. Those who appreciate films about the darkly comedic aspects of family gatherings and revelations will be drawn to this portrayal.

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    4. Garden State

    #2,434 most popular movie yesterday

    Garden State captures the essence of returning home after a long absence, stirring up old memories and discovering new perspectives. The film's nuanced and reflective look at family and personal growth resonates with the themes explored in People Like Us.

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    5. The Kids Are All Right

    #2,918 most popular movie yesterday

    This movie delves into the non-traditional family structure with humor and drama, much like People Like Us. The film follows a lesbian couple’s teenage children as they seek out their biological father, leading to an expansion of the family’s notion of connection and kinship.

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    6. The Family Stone

    #3,961 most popular movie yesterday

    The Family Stone tackles the theme of family dynamics and the complexities of coming home. Viewers who resonate with the heartfelt and occasionally messy reconciliation process in People Like Us will find a similar tone in this film, where a man brings his girlfriend home for Christmas to meet his eclectic and somewhat eccentric family.

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    7. Dan in Real Life

    #4,215 most popular movie yesterday

    With its blend of humor and poignant family issues, Dan in Real Life invites viewers into the life of a widowed advice columnist who falls in love with his brother's girlfriend during a chaotic family reunion. This film appeals to those who appreciate the insightful exploration of family ties featured in People Like Us.