Movies like Serving Sara (2002)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Serving Sara, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Two Weeks Notice

    #1,353 most popular movie yesterday

    Starring Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, Two Weeks Notice is a romantic comedy involving an unlikely relationship between a millionaire and his legal counsel. Like Serving Sara, it offers a blend of humor with an underlying romantic plot.

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    2. Fool's Gold

    #1,834 most popular movie yesterday

    Fool's Gold sees Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson in an adventure-romance, hunting for treasure while rekindling their romance. Its combination of comedy, romance, and adventure should appeal to those who enjoyed Serving Sara.

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    3. The Whole Nine Yards

    #2,629 most popular movie yesterday

    Featuring Matthew Perry alongside Bruce Willis, The Whole Nine Yards is a comedy with mobster themes and an unlikely friendship that drives much of its humor. Fans of Serving Sara will find the comedic elements and the quirky character interactions to their liking.

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    4. My Super Ex-Girlfriend

    #3,858 most popular movie yesterday

    My Super Ex-Girlfriend pairs Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson in a comedic tale of love and superpowers gone wrong. Its blend of comedy and romance, with a twist of superhero antics, fits well with the audience looking for movies in the same vein as Serving Sara.

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    5. The Bounty Hunter

    #4,435 most popular movie yesterday

    The Bounty Hunter stars Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler in a romantic action comedy about a bounty hunter tasked with bringing in his ex-wife. This film delivers a mix of romance, humor, and chase sequences that fans of Serving Sara would certainly appreciate.

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    6. Did You Hear About the Morgans?

    #5,381 most popular movie yesterday

    Did You Hear About the Morgans? features Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker as a couple who witness a murder and are relocated for their protection. Its blend of witness protection drama with romantic comedy ensures it's a hit with viewers who enjoy Serving Sara.

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    7. Laws of Attraction

    #5,533 most popular movie yesterday

    Laws of Attraction brings together Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore as two rival divorce lawyers who find themselves in an unexpected romantic relationship. It shares Serving Sara's mix of romantic and legal comedy.

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    8. Over Her Dead Body

    #6,059 most popular movie yesterday

    In Over Her Dead Body, Eva Longoria plays a ghost trying to sabotage her former fiancé's new relationship. Like Serving Sara, it combines elements of romance and comedy, with a supernatural twist.