Movies like Sky Riders (1976)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Sky Riders, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Executive Decision

    #1,462 most popular movie yesterday

    Executive Decision stars Kurt Russell and Steven Seagal in a high-intensity thriller about a team trying to retake a hijacked airliner. The tactical military operation and suspenseful narrative will appeal to fans of Sky Riders.

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    2. The Expendables

    #1,628 most popular movie yesterday

    The Expendables brings together a star-studded cast of action heroes on a mission to overthrow a dictator. This film's high-octane action and team dynamics should resonate with anyone who enjoys the ensemble cast and rescue themes of Sky Riders.

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    3. Cliffhanger

    #1,974 most popular movie yesterday

    Cliffhanger features Sylvester Stallone as a mountain ranger caught in a web of danger while trying to thwart thieves and survive the treacherous heights. Like Sky Riders, it keeps viewers on the edge with stunts performed at high altitudes.

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    4. Air Force One

    #2,242 most popular movie yesterday

    Air Force One, starring Harrison Ford as the President of the United States, follows his attempts to retake his plane from hijackers. The movie's tight pacing and close quarters combat provide a similar tension to that found in Sky Riders.

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    5. Tears of the Sun

    #2,423 most popular movie yesterday

    Tears of the Sun showcases Bruce Willis leading a SEAL team on a mission to rescue a doctor in war-torn Nigeria. The film's focus on a rescue mission through dangerous territory shares thematic elements with Sky Riders.

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    6. The Delta Force

    #3,498 most popular movie yesterday

    The Delta Force takes the audience on an intense ride with a special forces team led by Chuck Norris as they attempt to rescue hostages from a hijacked plane. Fans of Sky Riders's high-stakes rescue mission will find the same adrenaline rush in this action-packed film.