Movies like Sprung (1997)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Sprung, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Love & Basketball

    #2,613 most popular movie yesterday

    While Love & Basketball leans more into the romantic side, it shares the theme of a long-lasting bond similar to Sprung. Fans will enjoy the realistic portrayal of the ways in which relationships and personal ambitions intertwine.

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    2. The Wood

    #4,098 most popular movie yesterday

    The Wood provides a nostalgic look at friendship and growing up alongside romantic pursuits, touching on themes of love and comedy that resonate with fans of Sprung. If the combination of friendship dynamics and romantic situations in Sprung appealed to you, The Wood is another great choice.

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    3. Deliver Us from Eva

    #5,068 most popular movie yesterday

    Deliver Us from Eva showcases the humor in relationships with a strong storytelling akin to Sprung. The storyline, involving a woman whose sisters are trying to get her married off, will resonate with audiences who enjoyed the comedic relationship dynamics in Sprung.

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    4. Brown Sugar

    #5,147 most popular movie yesterday

    Brown Sugar, like Sprung, explores the chemistry and romantic connection between its leads, set against a backdrop of hip-hop music. It's a sweet tale of friendship turning into love that should appeal to those who like their comedies mixed with a strong dose of romance.

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    5. Booty Call

    #5,398 most popular movie yesterday

    Booty Call is a hilarious adventure into the dating scene, with Jamie Foxx and Tommy Davidson navigating the complex world of love and relationships with similar humor and themes as Sprung. If you enjoyed the mix of romance and comedy in Sprung, this one's a must-watch.

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    6. Two Can Play That Game

    #5,450 most popular movie yesterday

    With its sharp-witted insights into the battle of the sexes, Two Can Play That Game offers a comedic look at love and the games people play, much like Sprung, delivering a blend of humor and romance with a strong African-American cast.

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    7. How to Be a Player

    #6,255 most popular movie yesterday

    This comedy is centered around a playboy who juggles multiple women, capturing the comedic elements of relationships and dating seen in Sprung. It's an entertaining watch for those who thrive on laughter derived from romantic escapades.