Movies like StreetDance 3D (2010)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like StreetDance 3D, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Step Up

    #1,834 most popular movie yesterday

    This dance drama is a hit among those who love the combination of romance, competition, and vibrant choreography showcased in StreetDance 3D. Step Up features Tyler Gage, a rebel from the wrong side of Baltimore's tracks, who finds himself helping a ballet dancer to prepare for her senior showcase.

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    2. Save the Last Dance

    #2,926 most popular movie yesterday

    This film melds the worlds of hip-hop and ballet, a blend similarly embraced in StreetDance 3D. Save the Last Dance delves into the life of a small-town girl with big-city dance dreams, exploring her journey of love and dance in an urban setting.

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    3. Honey

    #3,175 most popular movie yesterday

    Honey Daniels' story of aspiring to become a choreographer and overcoming adversity will inspire any fan of the dance-centered triumph in StreetDance 3D. Combining dance, drama, and an inspiring storyline, Honey offers the kind of feel-good entertainment dance film enthusiasts appreciate.

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    4. Step Up 3D

    #3,567 most popular movie yesterday

    Those looking for another cinematic dance experience that jumps off the screen can turn to Step Up 3D. Like StreetDance 3D, it uses 3D technology to enhance its impressive choreography and the narrative of dancers battling to win a high-stakes competition.

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    5. Stomp the Yard

    #4,721 most popular movie yesterday

    With its focus on street dancing and Greek culture, Stomp the Yard encompasses the kind of rhythmic storytelling and dance sequences that captivate audiences much like StreetDance 3D. The protagonist's tale of redemption and the powerful step dancing scenes make this a must-watch.

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    6. You Got Served

    #4,746 most popular movie yesterday

    This movie is a feast for fans of hip-hop dance battles. With high-stakes competition and intense dance sequences, You Got Served follows a group of street dancers who must prove their superiority in the urban dance world, echoing the competitive spirit seen in StreetDance 3D.

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    7. Battle of the Year

    #6,866 most popular movie yesterday

    Featuring some of the same high-energy dance battles that fans of StreetDance 3D love, Battle of the Year takes the spectacle to the international stage with a dance crew preparing to compete in the world's biggest breakdancing tournament.