Movies like The A-Team (2010)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like The A-Team, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Ocean's Eleven

    #391 most popular movie yesterday

    While less militaristic, Ocean's Eleven offers a heist plot with a charming and smooth ensemble cast. The clever and snappy dialogue coupled with intricate caper scenarios echo the tone of The A-Team.

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    2. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

    #805 most popular movie yesterday

    This entry in the Mission: Impossible franchise sticks out for its intense action sequences and teamwork under duress, much like The A-Team. The engaging plot and high stakes will likely appeal to The A-Team's audience.

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    3. The Fast and the Furious

    #842 most popular movie yesterday

    Though centered on illegal street racing, The Fast and the Furious introduces viewers to a tight-knit group that functions much like a family, paralleling The A-Team's group dynamics and action-filled narrative.

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    4. The Expendables

    #977 most popular movie yesterday

    Featuring an ensemble cast of action movie icons, The Expendables delivers over-the-top action, camaraderie, and explosive stunts. Fans of The A-Team might enjoy the team dynamic and relentless pace.

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    5. RED

    #1,234 most popular movie yesterday

    RED features a group of retired intelligence agents who return to action, providing the same mix of bullets, banter, and unique characters that fans of The A-Team would appreciate.

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    6. The Italian Job

    #1,606 most popular movie yesterday

    A stylish heist movie with smart, tech-savvy thieves, The Italian Job emphasizes teamwork and intricate planning in a way that resembles the operations of The A-Team.

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    7. Smokin' Aces

    #2,463 most popular movie yesterday

    Smokin' Aces combines elements of dark humor with high-stakes action as various assassins converge on a single target. Its frenetic pace and complex character interactions resonate with the ensemble feel of The A-Team.

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    8. The Losers

    #3,453 most popular movie yesterday

    Similar to The A-Team, The Losers follows a special forces team seeking revenge after being betrayed. Its blend of action, humor, and team dynamics makes it an appealing watch for fans of the genre.