Movies like The Apparition (2012)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like The Apparition, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. The Woman in Black

    #71 most popular movie yesterday

    The Woman in Black is a gothic horror film featuring a vengeful spirit much like The Apparition. The movie's eerie setting, period atmosphere, and jump scares will attract viewers looking for a similar cinematic experience with a dash of historical intrigue.

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    2. The Conjuring

    #183 most popular movie yesterday

    The Conjuring stands out as a terrifying tale of paranormal investigators tackling a malevolent presence. With a strong emphasis on characters and a similarly intense atmosphere to The Apparition, it's a must-watch for fans seeking more ghostly hauntings and a historically rooted storyline.

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    3. Insidious

    #691 most popular movie yesterday

    Insidious is a spine-tingling horror movie that delves deep into the realm of the paranormal. Audiences who were intrigued by the supernatural elements in The Apparition will find Insidious's haunting storyline and its journey into the 'Further' equally compelling.

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    4. Sinister

    #702 most popular movie yesterday

    Sinister is a gripping horror film that, like The Apparition, explores the supernatural and deals with a family experiencing eerie events. Fans of The Apparition will appreciate Sinister's dark atmosphere and the similar theme of an evil force affecting the lives of the protagonists.

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    5. The Haunting in Connecticut

    #2,821 most popular movie yesterday

    The Haunting in Connecticut explores the true story of a family who becomes terrorized by forces within their new home. The film shares a similar storyline to The Apparition, with the emphasis on family and the uncovering of a home's dark past, making it a compelling watch for fans of supernatural horror.

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    6. The Possession

    #4,002 most popular movie yesterday

    The Possession, another unnerving film in the supernatural genre, presents the story of a family dealing with a demonic presence. Like The Apparition, it focuses on the close encounters with the supernatural and the personal struggle of the characters involved.